More Friendly Plastic

Right off recently Liz Welch included some pictures of some of my previous FP pieces how thrilling is that?   Anyway in my excitement I completely failed to thank her.   Liz if you see this I was thrilled and thank you very much indeed.

At the workshop last month with Liz I was very taken with some bowls she had made as well as the masks and well everything.   It is the freeform lace work that I really love about FP and when my new sticks arrived today this bowl was bursting to be made.   My best effort so far I think but still a long way to go.

Beside inventing the lace work technique Liz has pioneered Oozing which is great fun so before putting everything away just now had a little play with some holey material.


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! How do you stop it sticking to your fingers? Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hey Hun..

    WOW, the bowl is amazing, clever you, love the lace look too.
    Oooozing with colour..
    Hope your well hun..
    Huggies Angel

  3. Beautiful bowl Zoe ! I've not used FP but it looks like a wonderful medium. Can't wait to see what you make next ! Sue C x

  4. Wow, fantastic pieces. Yvonne x

  5. Love how you've maintained the brightness of the colours. Did you make it in one piece or keep adding pieces on and then heat it all and make the bowl shape?

    Whichever, it's looking good and is that some sort of white fabric you've placed it in?

    Love the oozing, great results.

    Sam xxxx

  6. Wow that bowl is fabbie Zoe the lace look is great and that oozing technique looks fun too

    Hugs Jackie x

  7. Stunning! That oozing is a fabulous effect too!

  8. Looks good Zoe!!!! However it's done I love the results!!!!

  9. Fabulous bowl and loving the great texture and colours Zoe. Annette x

  10. Gorgeous Zoe, your best bowl yet, A true work of art!
    hugs Lynn

  11. Going to have to watch you and that Sam - you are getting too darned good with this FP. Good job I don't dem it any more or I could be in trouble.(Hasten to add did not do any bowls when demo'ing or anything remotely as complicated)
    Fab bowl Zoe, love the rich colours.

  12. OMG Zoe!!!! This is just incredible!!!! You are amazingly clever my lovely xxx

  13. I think you and Sam have an FP fixation am a little concerned but then again the results are amazing and so bendy and colourful .sorry can't think of a better word in English ,plenty of Greek ones though looks spectacular well done you.


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