Will you look at this!

Thank you Valarie.   If you have not visited Valarie's blog you will not perhaps know of her fabulous mail art or how brave she is in the face of Frau Postmistresses displeasure at it.   To receive the envelope is a treat but this one was stuff full of treasure.    Die cuts of her fabulous hand painted background papers, a magical tag, the cat card and one of her delightful mini books.   Bottle top turned into a lovely pendant and beaded pins.   The finds just went on and on.    Thank you my lovely friend you are very generous.


  1. What a lovely surprise this must have been for you Zoe

    Hugs Jackie x

  2. OOh what lovely gifts, lucky you Zoe, fantastic envelope, I saw it before it was posted on Valerie's blog but never realised how big it is:0) XXX

  3. You are very welcome, Zoe! Have a great evening, Valerie

  4. Wow! what a fantastic gift to receive. All those beautiful treasures.
    Regards Florence.

  5. How lovely for you Zoe :)
    lots of things to play with
    Von x

  6. What a great goody bag for you Zoe, how nice to have generous friends xx

    Sam xxx


  7. oooh..what a lovely surprise package, the envelope itself is enough and then all those yummy goodies..enjoy you lucky thing ! Esther xx

  8. Another one my comment has disappeared from !!!Fabulous goody bag lot's of gorgeous things to play with and enjoy.



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