Peel offs

Apologies if I have not commented on your work recently time is becoming a big factor.   Last week our new challenge Craft-Room Challenge just took off and is doing amazingly well.   If you have joined us thank you.

The response has increased my respect for Chrissie and Mandi who respond to many more followers week after week and each time their comment is pertinent to the individual work shared.   All respect aside this is one more card to add to their load!

This week's challenge at Less is More is a one layer card using a frame for your image.   Remembering some old peel offs could not resist the temptation to use one as a mask in a small area of a white card.   The colours are DI Mustard and Olive.  I like the messy inking and the end result!

Dry today typical but better here than in Christchurch NZ they have not stopped shaking since the first big one last September!


  1. oh great to use your peel offs hun hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement re our commenting, Zoe... it is much appreciated!
    We asked you to be inventive... this is inventive... I don't think that using Peel-offs would have occurred to me... I think that I like the effect of this better than the original Peel offs!
    Thanks so much
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  3. I see you've found yourself a full time job then - lol.

    Fab idea. That's about the best way to use a peel off!!! Love the randomness of the inking!!! Great.

    Don't work too hard.

    Sam xxx

  4. Oh my goodness! I didn't realise they were still having the quakes in NZ...thats awful for them isn't it?

    Ahhhh.....Ye Olde Peel-off! You have worked wonders my friend xxx

  5. Great idea with a great effect! Hugs, Valerie

  6. What a brilliant way to use peal offs!! I must try this one, thanks! Loved your card, messyness rules!

  7. This is a great card Zoe

    Hugs Jackie x

  8. What a good use of a peel off!

    Hugs, Sandra

  9. Lovely card, the peel off masking worked so well!

  10. Zoe, you are so creative! Never would have thought to use a peel this!
    My Card

  11. oh what fabulous idea as we all have peel offs lurking in our drawers! I must try it .
    Love the pretty colour
    Lisa x

  12. What a brilliant idea with peel-offs!!! Love the colour you've used as well. Maria x

  13. Love the peel off masking technique.
    Just catching up after a great festival but horrible sunday weather wise.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  14. great way of using up peel-off's

  15. lovin the white space and simplity of you card! your masking just 'pops' of the card! LOVE IT!

    stay safe chickie

  16. Great peel off technique, Zoe! and I've been the same way with leaving messages--but that's because mine hasn't been working! I hope you get this comment, friend!

  17. Thank you for your comments Zoe
    WE do our best!
    enjoyable but hard work with so much wonderful support
    Cool card, very creative
    Thank you
    Diva LIM mandi
    "Less is More"

  18. I love peeloffs for this very reason. In fact the seahorse tattoo on my blue lady was drawn around a seahorse peeloff lol!!

  19. HI Zoe -I've used this technique a long time ago...but then my Peel offs got banished to a deep dark drawer and forgotten about!! Will have to dig em out cos I really like this..Esther xx

  20. What a creative card! I zoomed in for a good look and I really like the effect, reminded me of graffiti, lol! This would be perfect for a teen or tween birthday.


  21. What a fab idea for peel offs! Love it. xx

  22. Great work Zoe very inspirational and well done with the launch of the craft room what a fabulous response.


  23. Great use of peeloffs Zoe...I think we all have some hanging around somewhere :)
    Jenny x

  24. this is just fabulous!!!! I love the effect you have created!!! Hugs Juls


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