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The kitchen to me is a place to heat water for Friendly Plastic, feed the cats and has a shelf for the microwave.   When Von challenged us to make something using anything found in the kitchen I was stumped.    A relaxing evening drink of Ginger Ale and the problem was solved.

Tried to get the label off the bottle but that label was there to stay, not a problem.   Covered the bottle with Modeling Paste and left to dry, this takes something like 2 hours depending on environment.   Viva Inka gold in green coloured the paste and florist wire wrapped round the bottle.    Next alcohol ink dripped down and some florist sand (thank you Von) also stuck to side as if it had dripped there.    Several little metal charms threaded on to think wire that was then woven around the bottle and the florist wire.   Two resisters attached to the wire circling the bottom.   From 'That kitchen draw', you know the one it is crammed with useful things that do not belong anywhere else, a candle.   This was encouraged to drip down the sides over and under all the other decoration.

Here is my kitchen find then, what is yours?   Please share it with us at Just for Fun and check out the fantastic samples Von and Neet have made.


  1. Hi Zoe. Wow! fantastic project. "that kitchen draw" made me giggle. Everyone has one!lol!
    Regards Florence x

  2. Very cool. Hope all goes well with you tomorrow. Hugs, Kim

  3. oh zoe just love this its brilliant gosh you girls come up with amazing ideas always so much to think about hugs cherylxxx

  4. Lovely bottle - and when did you find time to change your blog - like it!

  5. So artisan Zoe love it !
    Von xxx

  6. Lovely, but I see a problem - the bottle in my kitchen are all still full....

  7. oh what a brilliant project .. and recycled too!
    Lisa x

  8. Hi Zoe, I love this it makes a great candle holder
    I hope the move is going well and that you are onto the unpacking now and finding new homes for everything
    Sorry i've not been around much recently but life just keeps getting in the way.
    Take care
    Jackie x

  9. Oh Zoe, I really admire your imagination my lovely. This is gorgeous xxx

  10. Wow Zoe this is gorgeous ! I love the effect of the ink running down the bottle and the colours are beautiful ! Sue C x

  11. A fabulous altered bottle Zoe, I love the colours and the wire wrapped round it, in fact I love everything.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Hi Zoe, this is quite retro,
    remains me those first darky pizzerias at 70s-80s,
    you turned it to modern look.
    Happy weekend, lots of unpacking?

  13. Whose a clever little thing then? As usual your imagination never ceases to amaze me, fantastic piece Zoe. How's life in the frozen north then lol. Julia xxx

  14. I love what you've done with this Zoe! I have also found that labels don't come off bottles easily, lol, but when they do, that adhesive remains forever! A great candle holder, and the colours are lovely. Maria x

  15. so creative! love your imagination! i'd love that sitting in my kitchen ~ awesome work zoe!


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