Distressing by Cat

One of the IMPs, or it may have been two, has been playing knock the bedside lamp to the floor and last evening it was smashed.  Overjoyed because it is new I decided to salvage it, basically it was in three pieces held together by the sticky pad on the bottom.   Easy then to glue it all back in place but then what?

The base and shade are gray so quite dark colours would be required and stayzon.   The Indigo Blu, Grand Tour II and Pomp & Pageantry add to the distressed appearance.   Firstly the elegant gentleman and the Dome with script were stamped in Aquamarine.   Stamping on curved surfaces is fun with an un-mounted stamp just be careful not to let it slip.  Because the lamp base is a slick surface the ink needs a moment or two to dry.  By the way my Indigo Blu stamps came from Craft-Room, one of the several great British ranges sold there.

The next images, the Union Jack and the Map were stamped in Dark Cherry, the map was used three times to fill the space and not leave an image floating in space.   Where the glue has smeared the images did not stamp adding to the effect.

Couldn't leave the shade after all that the Butterfly is from the Grand Tour II set stamped six times round the shade in Teal.    Lamp all mended and working all that remains is to put it back but on the other side of the bed which might extend its life.

This is the other side the gentleman was stamped directly over the crack, sorry about the flare back.   Do you think something should be rubbed into the cracks to knock back the raw edges?

Quite day in the end, did not go out as planned the cold I've been looking after decided it's time had come didn't feel like going far from home.

Thought I'd share this with Creative Inspirations Paint who want to see anything but a card!  and with Make it Monday where it is always anything goes.


  1. Your cats are natural distressers, but you have done a good job with the lamp! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh heck - naughty IMP. Good idea to stamp on it, why not rub some ink into the cracks so they appear as if they are intentional and maybe add a bit of crackle stamping in other places - worth a try and just a thought.

  3. Great job on the lamp, I'd thought about a crackle glaze stamp as well.
    Yvonne x

  4. Fabulous salvage job Zoe! It looks really good - I think the crackle stamping that was suggested is a good idea. Maria x

  5. Hi

    Wow, well done on saving this fabulous lamp!

    Unfortunately though this is not a valid entry to the Make It Monday linky Party as it is not paper craft.

    You could try linking up here though


    Kind regards

    Michelle :o)

  6. Great repair job Zoe! Maybe a niche in the market? x


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