Just for Fun - Spring

Still making your Christmas cards and decorations?   Getting a bit of Festivities overload?   Have a break from it all, let your Mojo run free in your stash and join us at Just for Fun with our Spring Challenge.  Yes this week we challenge you to make something that represents the second, and some would say the best, season of the year.

All those buds and early flowers, the blossom and fresh green's.   Bird song, nest building and first chicks.   New life exploding all over the place the sun is getting warmer and the days growing longer.   This week then look forward just a few short weeks to the coming light days.  Oh and the return of F1 but if its only on Sky sport well that's another post.

I've used more basic grey paper for the May page of my calendar book topped with two Tando Butterflies.   The chipboard has been stamped and heat embossed, the design was then filled in with Sakura glitter pens.   You can see it reasonably well on the white lined one but unfortunately it is not so clear on the other one.   In the flesh these butterflies glimmer and shimmer almost blindingly.

Spring at Just for Fun this week then.


  1. Lovely page, I am already looking forward to spring! Valerie

  2. What a brilliant idea to make a Calendar book and what a lovely page to include for May. Mmmm ... shimmering butterflies ...

  3. Hi Zoe. Great theme. Fabulous page. Hope you are going to show all the pages of the calendar together when you have finished it.
    Regards Florence x

  4. wow what gorgeous sparkle and butterflies
    Lisa x

  5. That is just bursting with spring colours Zoe :)
    I always think it's such a shame that photos never do this sort of think justice
    Take care Von xxx

  6. Oh wow, Zoe, I think 2012 will be a great year for YOU!!! Such gorgeous sparkliness and happiness--I LOVE this!!! xo Cindy

  7. I just love those sparkle butterflies and lovley spring colours. Hugs Sandra XX

  8. Love this Zoe but I would wouldn't I with all those butterflies

    Jackie x

  9. Stunning colours in the butterflies Zoe, gorgeous x


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