Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Craft-Room, Monochrome

So the saga and anything but monochromatic tale that is my life continues!   All last week and so far this I've been without a bathroom, just the seating part of a loo and a bucket to flush it with.   On the up side seeing the transformation take place and the progress each day (including Saturday) brings has been exciting.   We are nearing the end now and all being well there will be a brand spanking new fully functioning bathroom by Wednesday.   I might even share a photo 'cause I'm thrilled with it so far.   But you are not hear to red about the disruption and upheaval are you.

It's the news of the latest Craft-room Challenge that brings you here.   This fortnight our theme is being hosted by Esther, our tastes are similar and so her choice of Monochrome appeals to me.   It's an excuse to use my favourite colour and only that colour which is Green.   You can use any monochrome pallet you prefer.    Our sponsor this time is Tando Creative and one lucky winner will receive something from their fab range.

I've used a Kaiser wood-chip book for my project covering all the sides with different Green DP.   The cage cover has two Tando Birds coloured with shades of Viva metallic green, and gold I maintain that gold is a shade of green!   The first inside page had the Tando Music Mask placed over it and Green DI stippled over to reflect bird song.   The TH bird has also been stamped onto this page with another shade of DI Green.    Some green ribbon/lace tied at the top to bring it all together.   Behind my sample you can see the next two pages for the book also covered in green paper waiting their turn to be decorated.    Cats might creep on to those pages LOL.

Working in shades of just one colour is great fun, the team certainly have proved that monochrome need not mean colour-less    Do take a look at their work and please do join us, remember one lucky winner selected by random draw will win some fabulous Tando Creative Material.


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  2. Beautiful creation Zoe!

    I'm crossing my fingers that your new bathroom comes together quickly!

    In the meantime, I had to go back and read your first paragraph slowly because at first I thought you were saying that you were sick and spending all day in a bathroom that only had a bucket.

    No wonder I never know what's going on around me!

  3. Great project Zoe, love the green birdcage :-) I'm hoping your bathroom reno continues apace :-) Debi x

  4. Hi Zoe, the bathroom saga will be worth it by the sounds of it. Hope your feline friends are not too traumatised. Your album is a beauty...in my fave colour too. Cant wait to see the other pages. Suz x

  5. Hello my friend. Apart from the building upheaval I hope everything is ok with you.
    Love the green palette, so fitting to go with birds and their house, a promise of warmer weather to come (we hope!!!).
    Hugs Brenda xox

  6. Hope the work on the house get sorted out soon Zoe.

    Love the greens you have used for your project--never easy to find the right colours for monochrome.

    Best wishes Chrissie xxx

  7. This is so pretty - and i love green one of my favourite colours
    Lisa x

  8. hi Zoe,
    Beautiful creation, we need some green colour now...
    Hope your bathroom will be fixed soon,-))m

  9. Hi Zoe, fabulous sample and works wonderfully with the bird theme, it's one of my favourite colours too.

    Hope you're in a fully flushable bathroom now, would love to see some pics. Julia xxxxx

  10. Hi Zoe - loving your green creation, there's such beautiful movement and a bit of sparkle - hope your bathroom saga is soon over ! Esther xx

  11. This is wonderful Zoe, a great colour choice and I love the bird cage.
    I hope you now have a fully functioning bathroom. I remember the disruption when we had ours done - it was all worth it in the end.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Love the fresh greens, and beautiful tumbling birdcage shapes!
    Alison x

  13. Goodness Zoe you do have a lot of anonymous comments here, where on earth do they find the time to write all these lovely comments lol x X X


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