Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Craft-Room - Embellishments

Writing this on Monday, the first day of a week's leave!   Getting a little bit more sorted out in the house this week.   With the bathroom all but finished, the ceiling will be painted this week, and the roof space partly boarded it's finally time to put some of the boxes from the move up there.   Yep I have boxes still not in their final home after my house move 16 months ago.    Things I cannot bear to part with like a couple of hundred vinyl albums and another couple of hundred or so masks.  

Now Vinyl is becoming popular again perhaps I should get a turntable and play them.   The masks might well be used for decoration once the house has been decorated.  For now they and the memories they hold need to be stored.

There is also just the threat, only a threat at this stage, that the ironing might get done, or I could paint something and watch it dry.

Anyway it was a productive week-end making my sample for the new challenge at Craft-Room.   I really enjoyed getting messy for this one, Maria is our host this time and her theme for us is Make your own Embellishment.    Supporting the challenge this time we are sponsored by a personal favourite of mine Rare Bird.
For my sample I made a wall hanging, starting with a precut piece of card I smothered it with DecoArt Modeling paste making sure it left a rough texture.   Onto this some tissue was folded/crumpled pushing it into the paste so that it stuck.   Next out came the Glimmer Mists and Cosmic Shimmer Spray in earth tones.  Onto the wet paint/paste perfect pearls has been sprinkled.   The faces were added at this stage, more about those in a bit.   Viva ferro paste 'old gold' added next, as the paste was still wet (modeling paste takes some time to dry) it mixed in with the ferro paste actually making it a little harder to spread will let the first layer dry another time.    Thin lines of glue squeezed onto some of the ridges of tissue and Alcohol inks dripped onto it, some of the other creases lined with some old Anita's 3D paint.   Once the ferro paste was dry, Viva Craco paste spread over the top and around some other parts of the board.

The Mica circle was given to me by Brenda  when we met just prior to my leaving the south.   A PaperArtsy stamp was inked with brown stayzon and the mica piece pressed over the top of it, the resulting image is imperfect and perfect for the subject.   Lace, feathers and a metal dragon fly coloured with Alcohol inks and gems were the final additions.

My embellishments are the FP faces, FP is a marvelous material to work with but still seems to be a bit of a secret in the paper craft world.    Liz Welch, owner of  Rare Bird, is a world expert in using this material and so very generous in sharing her knowledge if you visit her site you will find a wealth of hints and tips.   You do need to set aside some time and have a Friendly Plastic day but once you start playing it is a whole new challenge to get yourself to stop!    On Sunday I had such a day, my fondue set filled with water and set just high enough to make the plastic soft without burning fingers.   Gentle heat gun to hand several moulds, I have a great collection of  suger craft mould's which are perfect for FP so several of those were out and a couple of other bits and pieces.
These were made at the same session, a lot of FP cut into thin strips and stuck together to make new workable pieces of FP some of the new blocks were then marbelled, the square is one of those to be the base of something else another time.   Some of the patchwork pieces were relaxed into moulds other moulds had strips laid over them and then relaxed into the mould and small pieces used to fill gaps.    The fish and the Tudor rose as well as the two full faces used on the wall hanging were simply made by cutting a piece of FP to size and relaxing that into the mould.    You simply cover the mould opening with the FP and heat it with your heat gun, as the plastic softens is relaxes into the mould.   Dip your fingers into cold water and press the hot, soft FP into the full mould.   This might cause the film covering the plastic to split, to avoid that be a bit more generous with your FP and don't use thin strips.   Personally my favourite piece from Sunday is the silver face on my project piece.

The whole team have made their own embellishments using all sorts of materials and methods their results are, as always, well worth seeing.    We also love seeing what our followers come up with so please do join us at Craft-Room.


  1. Wish I could see this in the flesh as it looks amazing. Someone who receives this will be a lucky person. So pleased you are getting sorted - agree get yourself a turntable and hold onto those vinyls. Suz xxx

  2. My oh my Zoe, this is a real masterpiece and created with your usual wonderful flair and style. When it comes to mixed media you truly are up there with the very best artists my dear. Hope you enjoy your week off, I've got an unexpected day off today because of the wretched snow. I am going to sit in my craft room all afternoon and have a good old play. Julia xxxxx

  3. wow this is fabulous Zoe. xx

  4. Wow, these are soooo amazing! The texture on your wall hanging is fabulous, I've never thought of mixing Ferro paste in with modelling paste. Your FP embellishments are absolutely stunning Zoe, you are brilliant with this stuff - I definitely need more practice! Thank you for creating something so gorgeous for my theme this fortnight :-)

    I'm glad your bathroom's finally done (it looks gorgeous, btw), now you can concentrate on having a great week off!

    Take care

    Maria xxxxx

  5. just love this creation- all the texture and those faces- stunning! Debi x

  6. Beautiful and unique creation Zoe,
    gorgeous embellishments,-))m

  7. What an amazing piece, Zoe!! Those masks are so haunting, and the inky dragonfly is stunning! What an array of embellishments for future projects as well.. Fabulous inspiration!
    Alison x

  8. A wonderful creation Zoe, I love it and I love all the FP embellishments that you've made.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Oh my goodness Zoe - where to start, this is amazing..so many textures and layers and then those gorgeous faces...I've such a long way to go with my FP working !! Love the dragonfly especially too...Esther xx

  10. Fabulous embellishments Zoe, hope you've had a good week.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  11. Oh my Zoe I haven't been around for a while and look what I have been missing. Just finished mooching at everything I have missed and the word stunning comes to mind.

    Your wall hanging is brilliant.

    Hugs Shirley x x

  12. Zoe thats a fabulous piece so creative and beautifully coloured, i love the textures. I have often thought about trying FP but still not gotten around to it, but reading your words i am inspired.
    Hugs June x

  13. Surprise!!

    No I haven't got inky yet - love the embellies!

    Glad to hear you are resisting the ironing and the bath room is nearing completion

    Take care hugs xx

  14. Hi Zoe, thanks so much for your comment on my dress card. Yep the hanger is crafty emblies ... love them :)


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