Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 13 of 16

The day has dawned light and bright again, this week is summer.   My face is rather burnt from yesterday and the is an interesting stripe on the right side where the arm of my glasses covers it.   Think this is from driving around with the car window open.

Well no crafting yesterday I was have such an interesting time at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  Very interesting place with great spaces for the animals there helpful and informative staff, the whole place is clean and well laid out.

That made 2 wonderful visits to wildlife parks this week, here are a few pictures  of both places.

Mablethorpe Seal and Animal Sanctuary.   Here are two of the permanent residents seals who it was not possible to release.   I think there are about 6 permanent seal residents two types of seal are generally cared for here Common and Grey.   The Grey's often come from Donna Nook just up the Humber estuary where as cubs they might be injured or abandoned.  

There are several pools holding recovering and pre-release seals, who are all very playful and inquisitive.   This youngster spent a lot of time at this porthole while in the pool 4 or 5 others played.

Seals are not the only residents there is a beautiful pair of Lynx, Meerkats, Red Fox and Badger.   The foxes and badgers were injured on the roads and came here to recover and live permanently I caught a glimpse of a fox but their sections are very well arranged giving these lovely wild animals lots of privacy. 

As you walk around the gardens you pass aviary after aviary providing homes for many birds including a wonderful barn layout where if you peep through knot holes you can see 2 barn owls resting.   Reading the information notice you learn that each of these birds was injured and each has had one wing amputated.

Another aviary if home to these gannets.   This group sitting preening and sunbathing on this platform provided a fabulous photo opportunity.

So much to see, so much to learn a wonderful day out.

Yesterday and off inland to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.   I've already exulted their virtues above now here are some pictures.

There are 4 white wolves at the Park they have a large enclosure with lots of places to go for privacy.

There are 2 Siberian Lynx, this is the female checking out where that last piece of meat was.

Most of the birds are birds of prey and there was a magical flying display.   This chap wanders freely around the park possibly looking for his tail!

There is a tropical house with a butterfly section where I managed to snap these beauties.

Now that i know these two wonderful wildlife/zoological parks i will have to get my proper camera out and batteries charged before visiting again.

Not sure what today holds, think staying out of the sun might be a good idea!

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