Pinch Punch the first of the Month

Sorry a childhood memory there of my Mum greeting me on the 1st of March with that little wake up call.    Of course once she had done it to me it was to late to do it back and yet it is a happy memory!

Recently I achieved the First Aider at Work qualification, thank you.  Why I waited so long to do this is a mystery it is such a useful course even if I did almost pass out on the first day!   Anyway back at work I was given my first aid box, as well as the remains of the 2 boxes one of our predecessors had.   Yes 2 boxes, one of which was almost empty so the contents of that were decanted into the other box and the empty one came home with me.

Handsome thing isn't it, not.   But it is sturdy and useful so it simply had to be given a facelift.

Step 1 Paint the whole box with White Gesso, twice.
Step 2 Paint the box with Spectrum Noir Aquatint, the Orange from the Grunge set.
Step 3 Coat first section of box with decoupage (modge podge type) glue.    Lesson even when dry watercolour paint will reactivate when anything wet is added.
Step 4 Cover glued area with patterned paper.
Step 5 Apply 3 coats of decoupage glue allowing each coat to dry.   The watercolour trapped in the glue at each coat re-activates.
Step 6 Repeat steps 3, 4,& 5 to cover all sides of the box, care needed along all the sides so the box will still open and close.
Step 7 Apply tissue tape along the edges.
Step 8 Apply more glue all over.
Step 9 Stick a panel of contrasting paper to the top and bottom.
Step 10 Apply 3 more coats of the glue, by now the watercolour has pretty much been thinned out.
Step 11 Add a strip of green ribbon down one side of the top, background for the embellishments
Step 12 Receive in the post with a Jewellery Maker Order, a gift of copper coloured petal shapes with a hole punched at one end of each of them.
Step 13 Thread 5 of the petals onto a piece of dotty green ribbon.   Use DST to secure.  Repeat to make 3 'flowers'.
Step 14 Add these flowers to the box with silicone glue, you need to make a blob of glue and work the petals into it spreading them you might need a touch more glue on the outer petals.
Step 15 Rummage through stash of embellishments and add to box all secured with Silicone glue.
Step 16 Finishing touch make a coil using green wire and a Gizzmo tool, add to box.
Step 17 Complete decoration with self adhesive gems, secured with yet more Silicone glue.

The box, which tool a week to complete, is my sample for Altered Eclectics Anything Altered Goes Challenge.   We are always inspired and amazed by your entries it is wonderful to share the journey with so many gifted people who so obviously enjoy making beautiful things out of somewhat mundane round the house items.

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  1. Fantastic transformation Zoe and how wonder ful that you have becaome a qualified First Aider. Well done

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Beautiful box my dear - what are you going to use it for? Thank you for the steps on how to make it :) xo

  3. An amazing transformation, I love the coiled wire and congratulations on becoming a first aider.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. What a fun repurposed creation!!! I love all of the unique elements! Thanks for playing along with us at Friday Mash Up!

  5. You know I love this sweetie and with a DT hat on I am going to say - TFS over at RCS this month xx


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