Sunday, 14 June 2015

It's a Home Bird

Something of a momentous day yesterday, after 20 years, well 20 years and 2.5 months not that I was counting, my Son got in touch.    No we haven't spoken yet and yes I'm pleased but this will be a personal thing and the real meaning is that we are back in each others lives but no bells and whistles just grateful acceptance.    Not that my head isn't in a whirl, it is.

So after completing the Saturday list and needing to be inky and messy the beads were set aside and other toys came out.    Anyway with another saga this week and my current lack of verifocals anything that requires good and adaptive eyesight is out.

A postcard

Black white with touches of green.   CAS style with just one corner used for the little sketch.   Overall it was inspired by:

Less is more - Home (one layer)
Speedy Fox and Friends - Use just the corner
Open Minded Crafting - Doodle

Does this seem a little tame for someone whose mind is all over the place?   Well having got my hand in with the postcard grabbing a canvas and letting rip.

A grid laid out on the canvas each portion coloured with ProMarkers Red, Blue, Green and Gold with just one purple section.   Red and Cream acrylic pain squeezed onto the canvas and spread with a palette knife some bronze paint added to the mix.   Blue and Green squeezed onto the sides and spread with more bronze for good measure.   The whole set aside to dry, Acrylic is a fast drying paint but when it is thick like this it takes longer, quite a lot longer.   When the thin/single layers were dry two postcard size and another card from the calendar set were pressed into the paint and lifted off.   Then everything left overnight.   This morning black marker has been used to emphasise the fish found floating inside.

These are the negative impressions, not sure where they are going yet but I'm seeing flowing earth.

Gosh I wonder what today will bring - exciting.


  1. Great news about your son getting in touch

    Fab projects too


  2. Aww this is such a cute card Zoe and love the CAS perfect design
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
    Sarah xx
    Less is More

  3. Lovely home card, so simple and elegant.
    So glad you have contact with your son
    Thank you very much for joining us.
    Less is More

  4. Terrific card and designer artwork Zoe.

    Enjoy the moment with your son however long it may be. Good Luck

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Great news that you're in contact with your son again. And what a lovely little card, love the simplicity.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Anita x
    Less is More

  6. A creative day of contrasts - love all the projects - cute nest and the whirls of paints yummy xxx Positive vibes for the reunion xxx Take care and hope the glasses are ready soon xx

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating this post. Your little bird in his home is a sweetie!
    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  8. Enjoy your time with your son. Everything in good time. Lovely artwork too. <3

  9. That could not be a prettier corner Thanks for sharing at MFP SFF>>>>Lis

  10. Great postcard, I love black and white designs...Jo. X

  11. It's super special that you can do both styles of cards - clean & simple and very artistic. I'd say that mind is just fine. Thanks for joining the Doodle challenge at Open-Minded Crafting. Sure hope you'll be back soon.

  12. Love your postcard with the bird/branch stamped in the corner. Thank you for sharing with us at MFP SF&F Challenge.

  13. Lovely CAS card with a beautiful sketch. Thanks for joining us at Open Minded Crafting for our Doodle Challenge #38

  14. Best wishes to you and your son.

    Love the CAS layout of your first card and the contrast that your canvas provided. Thanks for sharing at MFP's Speedy Fox and Friends.


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