Saturday, 12 September 2015

2nd of two weeks

Last Sunday I got a message from a colleague at work about a young cat who needed rehoming.   Did I know anyone?   I bit!   Monday I met this young chap at his home, a new baby has joined the family and as the cat is quite free and easy with teeth and claw they did not feel comfortable about keeping the him.    He came home with me.

This is his first view of his new home

Well as you can imagine the IMPs were a bit disconcerted and perhaps not very welcoming.   The newcomer soon found a comfortable hiding place, behind the sky box.   Being an adventurer it did not take this young chap to make his own place.

Day 3 and he is already completely comfortable and chilled out.

Early days still but generally everyone is settling down.   Minx will treat this little chap in the same way as she treats Izhe, that is to say Minx has a potty mouth when it comes to dealing with any other cat except her brother Pounce and she is not much more polite with him.

So this 2nd week of my leave has largely been about Harley who is now also known as +1.

Did manage to distract myself a time or two with some pretty stones and wire etc.

Back to work on Monday!


  1. See! I knew you should take him. LOL What a pretty kitty. And your jewelry is lovely.

  2. Cute new addition to your family Zoe-hope you all get along ok.

    Love the jewelry as always--you have such flare for design

    Chrissie xx


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