Beads, crimping pliers, and the great outdoors

Mid week-end of 2 weeks leave.   Have pottered out and about last Saturday you know about, and then in the week I drove over to Spurn Point.   Driving along the Yorkshire Lanes through village after village I was reminded of Dorset known for its winding single carriageways where overtaking is only for the brave because you never get a long view.   Parking by a caravan site and behind a pub it was a case of crunching over the shingle to stand on a bank facing the sea.   I learnt the real sound of crashing waves and roaring seas.   For the first time ever I saw horses galloping out of the surf, but never breaking free of the water.  

Took a couple of pictures but it is not the prettiest spot on the planet, made worse if that is the right word, by a broken concrete slope/jetty of some kind.   You can see the broken slabs middle left of the first picture.

Then the sky started to catch my attention.   The light was in the wrong direction so really all I could do was point and shoot.   Dramatic skies did bring a little rain, my prompt to head back with a stop at Hull Hobbycraft.

Other days I've stayed at home cut the grass and as it has been wet I've lazed indoors playing with wire and cabochons pearls and things.

2 Simple wire twisted rings easy to make and great fun.   The ring in the centre has 2 Fluorite balls nested wire.   Fluorite and Labradorite are my favourite stones for working with.

This Labradorite cabochon has just been wrapped in 3 pieces of left over wire, actually left over from the lapis below.   It is hung on a strand of Labradorite chips and 5 pink cultured pearls on each side.  I'm trying to come up with different ways of using pearls without detracting from them.

I'm finding that I prefer sometimes to wrap a stone in bands of wire without weaving the wire.   This is Lapis Lazuli, the bottom band is woven but the the wires are then crossed at the back and then draped.


The last pendant (3 pictures) is purple labradorite, my first piece it is just an amazing effect a rather drab looking stone catches the light and reflects beautiful purple.  Made the chain for this one as well.

Next week, probably a visit to Woodside Wildlife Park and a trip to a craft show at Manchester on Thursday.   Other days lazing and crafting, watch this space!


  1. Wonderful photos and amazing jewellery, Zoe! I love labradorite! Steve has an egg made from it (Don't tell anyone, but I managed to convince my class it was a dragon's egg!!!)

  2. Your jewelry is always so interesting and different Zoe. Love the rings though I never wear rings only a thin wedding ring.

    Spurn point is a magical place I think.though the two sides of the peninsula are so different and also much better when the sun is shining. Loved your photographs of it.

    Enjoy the rest of your break from work

    Love Chrissie xx


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