Lapis Lazuli Trio

Been a bit quite recently, busy time at work.   Had and still have an idea rattling around to wrap 2 round cabochons in a fancy s shape wire structure.   Do not have a pair of round stones in the collection at the moment, will have to go shopping!

I do have some lovely Lapis Lazuli cabochons, could not make these work for that design but 3 seemed to fall naturally into this pendant.  A very simple wrap embraces each stone the wires left threaded through a gizmo wrap liking to the next stone.  4 wire woven together to form the bail, 3 of those wires end in spirals the 4th is covered by another gizmo spiral encircling the bail.   The other 2 wire ends have also been covered with a gizmo wrap and are suspended between the middle stone and the one on either side of it.

The chain is just 2 different sizes of gold plate jump rings connected.  The stars of the pendant are those gorgeous Lapis Lazuli cabochons.


  1. Wow! How beautiful, Zoe! I love Lapis! Such a wonderful shade of blue!

  2. Terrific design Zoe. Made me think of Tutan Khamen and the wonderful exhibition a few years ago

    Love Chrissie xx


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