The longer evenings are great for weaving

This first piece is Cherry Quartz, found on eBay from India.   It is so transparent that any wire work on the back will show through.  So a 6 wire frame folded round secures it on 3 sides while the wire ends top and bottom were used to hold it from the top and create the bale.  It seems to be a bit of a thing with my cab wraps that the is a front top structure that stands proud of the pendant, don't know where that idea came from but I do like it as a feature.

This is drilled Druzy quartz, having a drilled piece allowed me to just play.   On piece of wire was wrapped round round nosed pliers, when you slip this off the pliers it naturally twists, thanks for that tip Fleur Hastings.  A second piece of wire was threaded up through the hole and hooked onto the spiral at the bottom, it was not possible to thread a third piece through so that was secured at the top with weaving.  Then I just played and you might realise it is there again standing proud this time complete with swirls.


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