August, the height of Summer

A time to let fresh air into the house with windows open.   Until it got so cold that my heating kicked in!   Oh well at least the new system works.

This is another of my mini art pieces.   This time inspired by PaperArtsy and their exploration of patterns.   The scope of pattern is mind boggling and hard to express because they are so much a part of our world/life in fact our lives follow a pattern.   So I played with the idea of setting two patterns against each other.   Did you know the Victorians did something like that they would use richly patterned wall papers over which they hung pictures and paintings.   We would find it very odd now because we are used to plainer walls showing off the pictures.

First I stamped the Clarity horses head and then masked it.   Next an Artistic Stamper image with a section masked to give the plain area that was later torn as if allowing the horses head to poke through.   The background does not cover the full width of the base card this is intended to re-inforce the 3d effect.

The colour scheme of Black, White and Green came from Rubber Dance stamp.   Their theme is Black, White + 1 optional theme Love and Romance.   Think they might say the theme is lacking here, but not to a horse they love their grass.   Think my alternative title for this piece would be "The Grass is always Greener".  Green is also my favourite colour.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be warmer.


  1. I've learned something new from you today - I didn't know the Victorian way of hanging paintings over rich wallpapers was actually a considered design feature, I thought it was just a case of not knowing any better! I suppose then that the same goes for their habit of using highly ornate frames that nowadays would be considered too much for the picture.
    Anyway, I digress - this is gorgeous, a beautiful symphony of colour and pattern.
    Re your comment about PSX stamps, the same goes for the lovely Tandastamps - those of us lucky enough to still have some need to treasure them.

  2. Such a cool card! Pattern on pattern can be hard, but you nailed it with this one! Love how the horse seems to be poking through the torn paper. Great take on our challenge this month - black & white + your own choice of colour. And if you love green and the horse loves grass, you covered our optional theme as well :-) Thank you for joining us at Rubber Dance ♥

  3. What a wonderful piece, love those different, contrasting patterns. Looks like a lot of work! Have a fun day, it's cool here today, so should be good for walking. Hugs, Vaerie

  4. Strange weather we arehaving Zoe--ours is the same as yours.

    Love this piece with the many splendid patterns--so inventive.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. I love this Zoe, it really has the 'wow' factor. We're having Autumn today, who knows what it will be tomorrow lol xx

  6. What a fantastic idea!!! Love your card! Thank you for joining us at Rubber Dance for the August challenge. xx Susanne.

  7. What a clever idea. Love how this has all come together and mixing the patterns is fabulous!

  8. Very striking card. Love the stripey horse. Thanks for joining the Rubber Dance challenge. Hugz


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