Georgia O'Keeffe at the Tate Modern

My legs do not like me very much today, just been into town for some shopping, walking was painful.   It is all yesterday's fault.

I walked more than 10k yesterday, a lot of it around train and tube stations!   Got the train down to London and the tube to Embankment.   It was a lovely day and the walk on the South Bank to the Tate Modern was a pleasure.   The London City sky line is fascination with a mix of modern back through time to St Pauls and all those cranes.   The cranes are fantastic making interesting and inspiring shapes in the skyline breaking up the boxiness of the buildings.   Add to the the colour and bustle of the walk with all sorts of people out enjoying a beautiful day their own way.

Eventually arrived at the Tate Modern.  I love visiting here you cannot fail to find something to inspire you, something to dwell on and wonder about and often something that disappoints.   Yesterday I was on a mission, the American artist Georgia O'Keeffe intrigues me so having the chance to actually see her work not just pictures of her pictures was one not to be missed.

The charcoal on paper above is from an early period in her career when she had gone back to basics working just in black and white.   The curves where an image she played with in a lot of these pieces the play of light and shade strong lines and soft lines with that beautiful curve really appealed to me.   Later in the exhibition it is echoed in a charcoal piece Rams Horns from a later time of her life when she was working with skulls and bones.

The picture below was the source of amusement to me as people would go and peer at it close up and then from the side to see if the creases were real or really just paint on canvas.

This lovely person caught me chuckling at her when she stopped to check it, once I explained and she also watched people stopping and examining it she agreed to pose.   It really is just oil on canvas a real masterclass in light shade.   In many respects this is my favourite piece in the collection shown.

So the price today of barely being able to walk to the kitchen is worth it.  Some friends have said they want to go and I hope they get there, the exhibition runs until the end of October.  Tate modern is worth a visit at anytime.

I am now overflowing, again, with inspiration.   Just go to let it settle and decide what to do but as ever watch this space.


  1. Glad you had a fun day out in my home town, hope your feet are soon feeling better. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Shame about the legs but the memories will still be there when the pain is less lol

    It is almost 20 years since I last went to London and it was full of cranes then--maybe they are meant to be a feature Zoe

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx


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