Jewellery is back on the menu

Past couple of days I've been stroking my gem stones and making more pendants.

 This is a nice chunk of clear quartz, and Harley did not try to take the wire from me as I wrapped and wove it.  Pleased with the final result, this is one that will not embarrass me if it flips over as the back is tidy as well.

 Here is the back

More Clear Quartz from the same strand but smaller rocks this time.  I just linked these three and then inserted clear quartz roundels in the chain.   Quite fiddly and not the tidiest wire work.

 This necklace is Tanzanite, Freshwater Pearl in 2 sizes and Pink Opal roundels.

If Harley is going to let me play with wire it'll be good there are lots of cabochons waiting to be wrapped and I need the practice.   As always I've got no idea what I'll do next.


  1. Very beautiful Zoe always love to see your jewels

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Wow! Zoe, these are gorgeous. Hope all is well.
    Hugs Florence x


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