Still doing things with gem stones

I love Labradorite but it is difficult to photograph.  The wonderful flashes of colour that make this stone so very special very much depend on the angle of the light entering the stone.   You can see the wonderful blue hidden in these stones is shown here on the main piece and a little in some of the smaller rounds.   Labradorite has been paired with Moonstone another gem that reflects light displaying colour flashes in the right conditions.   Findings and spacers are Silver plated copper.

I've got another of those facetted irregular shapes that will be wired into a matching ring.   No earrings this time as I have lots of silver set Labradorite earrings already.   Now how do I convince Harley that the wire is not an interesting cats toy.


  1. LOVE this beautiful necklace, enjoy wearing it. Hugs, Valerie

  2. A very classy piece Zoe and the colours do show if you look closely

    Love Chrissie xx


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