Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Recent Makes

It might not seem like it if you visit here but various creative efforts have been happening at this little place.    Mostly jewellery, so here are pictures of some of them.

Box weave all silver plate rings and findings.

Not sure what the weave is called the jump rings are silver plated with fresh water cultured pearls

270 silver plated jump rings spiral or twisted weave

All 925 silver, helm weave and my 2nd charm bracelet, I love charm bracelets

Peanut pearls and Helm weave 925 jump rings

Now gracing the garden.

A good chunky necklace Labradorite and Quartz.

A lot more delicate, Ametrine and black Spinel.
Matching Ametrine earrings below.

Labradorite and Pearl

Peacock and Ruby Pearl

Garnet and Pearl.

Most of these were quite fiddly but they all give a lot of pleasure in their making.   The gemstone stash is hardly dented so there are lots more jewellery things to be made.    Keeps me occupied and out of mischief in retirement.



  1. Wonderful to see you on the blog again Zoe and all the really fantastic things you have made..the projects for the garden are amazing and something very different

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Lovely jewelry, nice to see you around again. Hugs, Valerie

  3. You have such lovely work. I have been searching all over your blog for information on a specific card. I cannot find info any where. can you guide me in the right direction? It is an all white card. looks like a tri-shutter. I pinned it from someone elses pins. your site won't let me paste it here and I found no other way to contact you.


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