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Today I'm sharing a few photo's I've taken when I've been out and about recently.  They'll give you a bit of a flavour of this area.   The name Grimsby has been a bit of a joke over the years but in fact this really is a lovely part of the world.

While Bob was here we had a couple of walks out.  This is a picture of the Humber Estuary taken from Cleethorpes shore line, 13th March.  That dot on the horizon is one of two forts built in WW1 to protect the Estuary.   

This is a view of the Freshney whose banks I often walk along listening to the song of local birds.   The area round here is marsh and there is a drainage channel along the right side of the river as you view it here.  This channel is full of bull rushes and I'm looking forward to watching them develop over the year.  This picture was taken on the 19th April this year when we had a few lovely days between wet spells and the muddy bank was pretty much dried out.  Mind you I did come home with muddy boots.

A few days later (1st May) at the beginning of the current dry spell I took this picture, it is the same stretch of the Freshney from the other end.   It looks like a bird had started a nest on the pipes that cross the river at this point.  On the same walk I also had fun looking out for plants that had escaped their gardens and had become weeds.   Weeds are after all plants growing where they are not "wanted".

Here is the Freshney again, well it is just round the corner no travelling required to enjoy these walks.   This time we are looking across from one bank to another and a beautiful old church.  This was just last Monday in the early evening.

If you read my last post you will know I didn't go for a walk yesterday (8th May) but got very excited when I realised how fantastic the sun set was.  That whole section of sky was an array of pinks shot through with sunshine yellow.

It is cooler today so I will be out and about again, who wouldn't when they live in such a lovely part of the world.


  1. Who wouldn't looks fabulous Zoe x Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, you do live in such a beautiful area and had a little chuckle about the unwanted plants/weeds x


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