My fascination with Masks continues

The sun has got his hat on, again.  So we all need to wear ours or he will burn us!   Harley is enjoying the summer and celebrating by catching butterflies.   Minx spent on summer doing this but didn't progress onto bigger things.  Suspect Harley will.

My adventures as an irrepressible old woman continue, did I tell you about tumbling from my bike into a hedge the other day?  Said bike has been sent for a service today, hoping to get it back this afternoon as I am going out tomorrow.   I'm off to the Craft Show at Doncaster, will be meeting someone I've known for at least 10 years but have never met face to face.   She sent me a message saying the show was on and I thought what the heck it will be worth going to meet her!

I should be doing something with Jump Rings today but the muse is not sending the required inspiration.   Instead another mask took my attention.   If you have known me for a while you will know that working on paper mache marks is one of my favourite things to do.  With my style changing the result with this one is very interesting.

As is usually the way I had an idea for the base layer but nothing further than that.  In fact it was really just the first zag of the base layer.  Laid that down in silver starlight paint then added the blue, gold and pink.  While the paint was drying I was rummaging in my acrylic stencil box for ideas of the next step.  Metal stencils will not do the will not flex on a rounded surface.

A bird and blossom stencil chosen I used Alchemy wax to push through and get the image onto the mask.   As the silver colour did not stand out especially well a fine nib pen traced round the images gave them definition.   Rubber stamping is my first love in paper-crafting, a floral flourish stamped and gold ep applied over the cheek pieces.   The stripes were getting broken up now and the mask was taking on an altogether softer appearance.  I'm still not sure what gender it is but isn't that the point of a mask to disguise and hide any form of identity? 

Twisted sari silk glued into place above one eye and below the other.  To further soften the top a strip has been laid on there and glued in.   Sticky back gems used on the bottom of the eye socket and over the forehead.   I tried to stamp again using the wax as a stamping medium, it did not work.   So that section had to be covered using a glue pen and gilding flakes.   The way the flakes settled into the sari silk is a very happy accident that just completes this piece.

The most important thing with this was that I had fun!  Hopefully the people who see this will think it fun as well.

Crafting with Attitude - Anything Goes.  Gotta love a good old monthly Anything Goes theme we all get to show off.

Penny's Challenge - Anything Goes.  A weekly challenge this time and they are running a DT call if anyone is interested.

Crafty Creations - Anything Goes.  A fortnightly challenge and would you believe it they have a DT call as well.

Love to Create - Always Anything Mixed Media goes with this monthly challenge, 3rd entry in July.

Now you might wonder why I don't apply for these DTs, it is simple I do not like and will not use digital art stamps.  So many challenges are sponsored by digital art stamps and they provide the team members with samples to use, I cannot do it.  It's a personal thing and I'm happy to tell everyone else about the team calls.


  1. creative are you? Love the mix of the colours and the shine is fabulous. The stencil work with the bendy stencil looks fabulous. Great how you ma managed to stamp on the mask. Wonderful creation, you sure looked like you had fun and sorry you fell off your bike x.

  2. Always love your masks xx Looks like you had a lovely creative messy play Have a lovely Sunday xxxx

    Zoe what a great idea to make a mask wow I am loving it Thank you for sharing your mask with the DT from We Love To Create hugs Terry xxx


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