Busy week

I'm retired! but do some ad hoc merchandising and this week I had call to make Monday - Friday.   I'm also working on my fitness and getting out and about on a bike.   Really enjoying these cycle rides especially along the Humber wall, and they keep getting longer.   This week I also managed to make a bracelet and pair of earrings.  And I had a go at Silver Soldering some Jump rings on completed bracelets. that did not go so well but a Silversmith friend is taking me in hand next week so it's all good.  Thing with having all sorts of interests is the amount of time they each require.

This is the jewellery, bracelet box weave with Green Amethyst and Citrine.   Time constraints ended taking me two days to complete when I could fit it in.   The earrings are Green Amethyst as well.

So since last week-end nothing has gone on in the craft room.  Partly the same problem so many ideas competing but as I'm having a more relaxed week-end perhaps something will resolve.  fortunately I do have a door hanger worked on last Sunday with the bottle in my last post.

This is a mfd base, a perfect base to work off.  Using the blue colour Powertex the first layer added was paper, it creases and pleats giving interesting textures.  Before starting I had dug around and cut to size different fabrics and lace.  There also had a left over piece of grunge board, and a butterfly the origins of which escape me and some paper flowers.  Everything coated and arranged on hanger then left to go touch dry.  Then comes the fun part lots of dry brushing Greens and Whites and mixes thereof.  Then Treasure Gold gilding wax.  

It is a little on the dark side but the result is most pleasing.  Will be playing with Powertex at the end of the month, need to consider some of the other techniques that work for mixed media altered art for now.

Looked and thought about it and decided no challenges for this just putting it out there.


  1. Well done you on increasing the length of your bike rides x. Love the bracelet and earrings, so unique and pretty. Wow to your mixed media door hanger. The powertex looks amazing and so is the texture and colours of your creation....Fabulous x.


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