Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Little Watercolour

I've been quiet this last week, couple of reasons for that Harley chewed the power lead to my Laptop, it's an Apple and that means expensive replacement.   To make it worse my local chain store computer shop had sold out so it was a mail order supply.   Then the pain started, went on for a couple of days but yesterday went to the doctor.    Seems the flesh between my ribs has some sort of infection but everything else is in good working order.

With all things going on I forgot about Twofers and the little tutorial I'm sharing for this 5th Saturday in April.   It's a little messing around with ink and water very much my sort of fun.   Here are the two cards shown.

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Twofers - Body Parts

It is Spring here and there are April showers and it is cold.   About right for this time of year but the light lasts longer and when the sun shines it is cheerful and Spring.

Once again it is my turn to choose our theme at Twofers, and I've chosen Body Parts.   Might seem a bit odd but I do like things that are a little different we all need a little stretch.   And I need themes that lend themselves to playing cards.

10 of Spades, 10 toes.   Its an old stamp not sure who made it but I think it is taken from real foot prints.

4 of Diamonds, 4 eyes.  Other than that it was all just about playing with inks and pens.   Just fooling' around getting inky messy, heaps of fun and I loved it.

Just one last little point, the theme is Body Parts, it is not limited to animals.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Postcard

I like postcards, have I told you that before?  6" x 4"a neat size to work with they can be used for any purpose.

Needed to make something but was not at all sure what.   Had a rummage as you do when looking for inspiration.   Found a new stencil from Stamplorations and used it as the base.   Brushed over the stencil using 4 different but related colours of DI.   Makes me realise how into cool colours I am yellow/orange is probably the warmest I'm comfortable with.

The bee stamp is from Magenta quite old now but still a great favourite the wings are filled with Sakura glitter pen, the body a pale felt pen.   The sentiment is another old stamp from Hero Arts.

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Less is More - Geometric shapes/patterns

Going to do some jewellery stuff now.  I know I've not shared much of that lately but still carrying on and enjoying it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Daffodils and shaving foam

My daily commute is 28 or so miles through farm country, lots and lots of grass verges and hedges.   The road side is decorated by Daffodils along the way, combined with freshly turned fields and sprouting new growth, spring has come to Lincolnshire.

I used a Personal Impression stamp in green Memento ink and my Chameleon Pens for the main image.   The joy of these pens is that you start with a fade and then the colour builds giving an uneven painted appearance.   The base is the shaving foam technique with the Ken Oliver colour bursts.   Tried to do this with a full A4 card which resulted in mottled effect making a great background.   The image was stamped onto this mat with the fussy cut topper layered over it

The ribbon just as a touch of jazz to the largely citrus colour scheme.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Cats guild to living with your bold ape

Hi at 8 years of age, and having lived with my ape for more than 7 years in 3 houses and with 3 male cats I feel more than qualified to share some of the lesson's I've learnt along the way.

Apes do not have mobile ears or a tail, this makes communication difficult as they do not always understand what you are telling them.  You have to make a sound to get their attention.  Now not wanting to feel like a constant nag hissing is not really my first option.  Anyway I tried and it just picked me up and moved me! oh the shame the indignity especially as I was just a kitten at the time.   So no hissing unless they really need telling off, a cry repeated usually works.

If it is their attention you require, and lets face it our apes often appear to just take us for granted.  tapping them with your paw is quite effective.   Best to keep your claws in for this.   Another handicap these poor fools have is their lack of a natural fur coat and they object to your claws coming directly into contact with their skin.   Again there are times when it is necessary to discipline your underlings and of course you claws are very useful for this a quick swipe soon put them right.

When you are hungry, or just fancy a little nibble, you must use everything you know to get them to remember their duties.   Yet another weakness on their part they can be slow to understand that we felines want what we want when we want it and no waiting around.   Almost constant crying, paw tapping and wrapping yourself around their legs are all useful approaches to take.  Being creatures of habit we are fully entitled to expect them to follow those habits in their service of us.

As you can tell by the picture, yes that gorgeous creature is me, another way of making your wishes know when it comes to food is to sit beside your empty or near empty food bowl,  This tactic also serves to remind your companion felines that this is your bowl and the food in it is yours.

All in all our bold apes require a lot of effect to communicate with, but once you get the knack of it the rewards are worth it.   Now if you will excuse me I have to go and get mine motivated.

April Showers

That's showers folks not torrential downpours.  Oh if only reality was like Disney world, that little ditty is ping ping pinging in my head at the mention of April showers.   Truth I'd like a couple of days say Thursday - Sunday without rain but I'm not holding my breath.

Still it has been quite nice this afternoon had the patio doors open in the hopes that Harley will find the outside less scary.   He does find it interesting to view but declines to set paw out, yet.   Perhaps I should try feeding him out there.

Patio doors lead off my craft room and I've had a happy little play in there today.  This card was been waiting for a week now to be made up.   The die is a Marianne one and can be a little fiddly to cut out, resorted to wax paper again.   The yellow paper has been teamed with purple card (purple rain) and Pink Shabby ep.   The diamonds are an old Clarity set and very much remind me of rain.  I love the yellow/purple combination disguises the pink in the pink ep brilliantly.

The two challenges that inspired this are
Inkspirational - Picture inspiration

Less is More - White Space but NOT WHITE
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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Twofers - Birthdays

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!  Yes today is the day I turn 60, over the scary part now just going to be a disgraceful old lady, no change there then.

In honour of the occasion Jane, whose turn it is to be our host this week, decided on the theme of Birthdays.  Simple, no try fitting Birthdays onto playing cards but I have come up with these.

This lovely cat is a stamp that was crying to get out of the box with the spade stamp the card is quartered nicely.   She has to be a ginger tabby with that little cute grin, she is the perfect queen for a Day.  The Happy birthday stamp is a very old Anita stamp probably the only birthday stamp I have that fits onto a playing card.

Jane and Christi have made me 2 lovely cards, your birthday cards don't have to be for me but we would still love to see them at Twofers.