Sunday, 26 April 2009

This has been a wonderful relaxing Sunday. Seem to have got loads done (just the ironing left can watch the last Boston Legal while doing that.)

Got off to a cracking start, had to get this card out of my head before anything else. Have been itching to do a red card for weeks now, the stamp is from Clarity Stamps, an Ally Pally purchase last week-end. the back ground paper is Basic Gray dont ask which set thats far to complicated. The image topper has been given a clear glaze just love the way that brings out the colours the image has been filled in with.

Then it was into the garden to cut the green stuff, well cut the heads off the dandilions! & play with the Imps. Izzy has not made his way onto the blog yet so please allow me to intorduce him now. He is about 6 weeks older than M&P and came from the Vets as a stray he also thinks he is the only cat here and M&P are toys.

It was beautiful out doors today sunny and warm, had a little walk can feel my face tingling so maybe caught a bit of sun. After the last two years we so deserve some good weather.

More cards still rolling around in my head, no challanges or teasers or compertitions or themes just ideas. Lots of those from seeing everyone elses lovely work over the years they inspire everything on here.

The Humming bird stamp is such a pretty stamp but not one for embossing or colouring. Have not done black and white for a while, this was inspired by a picture i saw while out shopping yesterday & this morning I remembered the 'lace' peel off. Have to work on the corners! the white ink is cotton white which works well on black shrink as well. the downside with that stuff it is a devil to get off your stamps.

And finally time to use some of the shaving foam background that i made a couple of weeks ago, except its not background but the base for another Clarity stamp. This stamp has been in the collection for a while just not got round to useing it before! This was going to be Yellow and Purple a combination that is crying out to be used but the embossing powder is Do Crafts Blue Glass and how i wish they had made red glass green glass yellow glass etc. The way the shavong foam paper has soaked some of it in makes an interesting effect guess its to do with the different inks and colours the foam was dyed with. Blue collagated card and a splash of red just finish it off.

Well thats it another week-end winds down. time for a quick blog walk then the dreaded ironing. Take care & have fun.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Showers & Flowers

It is so nice just to have a quite week-end at home this time, spent the afternoon playing with spray paints and generally mucking around to come up with this. the theme is from this week's Stamp Something Challange which is Showers & Flowers. The Clarice Cliffe style design always makes me think of rain, nice rain, and seems to work here. Cannot remember where the saying came from but it fits.

Friday, 24 April 2009

E is for - Envelope

Something I have to share with you, a great new source of gold card, not exactly mirror card but but nice and shiny, works well in the cuttlebug. Just one small problem with it, comes in made up boxes and you have to get rid of the contents before you can get to the card hope someone in your house likes Magnum Temptations!

Friday Alphabet Challange Day as a friend would like some of the old photos we have of people we do not know an envelope will be needed, so E is for envelope. It is also for Elephant and a great excuse to play with this pair of cuties.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tanda Teaser 94 - Going round in Circles

Well if its Tanda teaser time it must be time to craft again oh goodie! This weeks challange was set by Sue Law with the theme Going Round in Circles. Great idea I've been spinning like a top for weeks now. It seemed only right to use Sue's own Clarice Cliffe design stamps which work very well on acatate and allowed me the opportunity to play with the letraset pens. The Happy Birthday is one of Sue's as well! Used the good old Fiskers shape cutter to cut the holes now have 3 round mats for another project.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Yesterday, Sunday, went up to Alaxandra Palace for the Big Stamp & Scrapbooker Exhibition. Was not expecting a great deal as it seems there is not a lot of new things out this year but still found plenty to fill the gaps in my stash at home. Sunday is never as busy as Saturday so you have a better opportunity to see the stands and chat to some of the businesses there. Great vibe and an opportunity to catch up with friends who I only ever seem to see at craft shows. My account may have a hole now where the stash hole was, but it was a good day now I just need time to play.

I work at Hamble Marina right on southampton water. Its lovely to park on the water front and if the tide is right see all the different birds feeding along the mud flats. This evening was a little different coming down river and eventually going out to see was Queen Mary 2. Always have my camara to hand so managed a couple of snaps of her and of the Oriana who followed her out.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What an interesting morning it was here, earlier while bed making there was a blackbird fight outside the window. 2 males were in dispute about the guttering on a neighbours roof back and forth they went while a sparrow popped in and took the pickings. A while later bedding going on line listening to the commotion of some magpies when 4 or 5 appeared overhead all yelling and chasing each other. Quite a display as 2 flew off in an angry chase 2 or 3 others were mobbing a blackbird, wonder if he was one of the 2 from earlier. As quickly as they came they went and soon it was all quite again.

This week-end is the first birthday for Minx & Pounce, they have been here for 9 months now and grown into beautiful confident beings.

Almost forgot, went blog hopping earlier and found this delightful place Wildlife with pen and ink.

Tanda Teaser 94 Watercolour

WENDY set the Tanda Teaser this week challanging us to use watercolour. Went back to basics for image and layout, used watercolour paper to stamp and colour on it really grabs the ink from the stamp. For the first time ever used water colour pencils interesting will have to experiment more with these.

STAMP SOMETHING challange this week is to use Yellow, Green & Blue, another first 2 challanges in one

Friday, 17 April 2009

D is for Dotty

A short week which has flown by, the trouble with working is it gets in the way of your crafting, so not a lot has happened during the week at least not anything you can see on here. The shaving foam came out and the results of that are sure to end up as background on something sooner or later.

Really thought this was going to be something completely different, until the sequin waste popped into my mind. Not a lot of stamping this time but the Cuttlebug embossing folder made a good base it also helped place the embellishments.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Stamp Something - Shapes

Well the Easter Week-end comes to a close, as week-ends go its been interesting. Went to Work on Friday in the 5 hours there got a full days workload out of the way oh the joy of a day when the phone is not ringing off the hook.

Saturday went to see my Brother in his now place in Peterborough. Never been there before and it is a beautiful City, the Catherdral is one of the most photographed in the UK. the river Neve flows through the city populated by amoung others Geese, not a common sight in my neck of the woods making them an even more welcome sight there. Hopefully the sun will be out next time and the camara can make an appearance.

Sunday damp and drab, gave an opportunity to make this card, oh whoops its pink and green again. The daisy stamp is from Little Clare and the saying Diminison Forth. This is my entry to the Stamp Something Challange which is to include as many shapes as you can think its 5 if you count the daisys. STAMP SOMETHING.

Today Monday - the bonus day. the sun came out and so did the mower, we are having a good spring flush this year much needed the last couple have been quite poor. The down side the mower will have to come out again very soon.

Hope you all had a good Easter are rested and ready for what ever the week brings.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Tanda Teaser 93

This weeks Teaser was set by Sue Law her theme Spring into Easter. Got as far as the word SPRING and started winding wire round a pokey tool. The hardest part of the challange? finding the right background paper.

See all the challanges responses at the Tanda Gallery

Friday, 10 April 2009

C is for CHAOS

It will come as no surprise that this week C is for Chaos. It is still less than a year since HRH the Worshipful Princess Chaos with attitude left us, this weeks letter gave the opportunity to pay tribute to her for allbut 20 years of affection. The sight of these letters at Hobbycraft set this project in motion now 2 or 3 days later lots of direct inking, stamping and decourparging, lavish use of embelishments later the object now hangs on the living room wall. The question now is to carry on and make the word Cat or Chaos or not.
Happy Easter/Spring Festival everyone.

Wow thank you for all the lovely comments - Sue perhaps the rest of her name will just have to be done now.

Monday, 6 April 2009


Just get in from work so no chance to make anything but we have a long week-end coming and the ideas are forming. In the mean time Tanya has given us new http://www.tandastamps.com/ bloggers hints on how to add links so I'm practising. Not quite what she said but it looks like a link!

For anyone interested I used the little Link button at the top of the posting composition box.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

B is for Bells, Buttons & Bows

Better organised this week this little ATC is already for the 2nd week of the Alphabet Challange. So many Bees to choose from wanted to get away from strong colours and blue. This little Christams stamp offered a great base to build on, complementary Greens and Pinks in soft pastels give a spring feel.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Tanda Teaser 92 - Vellum!

This week's Tanda Teaser, (note to self must figure out how to put a link in) is to use Vellum. For this I used some frost pictures Sue Law kindly sent printed onto Parchment Craft Vellum, which is a bit heavier, to create the winter cave Spring is coming away from.

Spring is a Tanda Stamp from their Dragons & Fantasy set 3, one of my favourite images. she has been embosssed in 4 colours and then coloured in to try to reflect the her transition from cold to warm. The Happy Birthday is also a Tanda Stamp from Sue's Birthday Verses. it only seems right to use Tanda stuff for their challanges.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

A is for

Aries. This is the first challange for Linda's new weekly challange.

This little topper just 4" x 2" uses Tanda's inchies for the Aries image a bit of Mizuhiki cord & a triple embossed chipboard letter.

First words

Gosh here goes my entry into the wonderful word of blogging. Expect over time there will be lots of challanges here certainly Linda Luckin's Alphabet Challange and the weekly Tanda Teaser.