Monday, 29 June 2009

Stampin' for the Weekend - with a pocket

Apolgies for the background, the best shots were from the kitchen table complete with mess/windows and goodness only knows what else behind. The stamp on the front is one of those fab foam backed ones again stamped and embossed in white, the bigger flowers were cover 'gifts' and the centres are white puff paint. Inside no idea where the bg paper came from, the heat resistant acatate and the tag have been stamped with HOTP stamps again embossed using white ep.

The challenges are Stampin' for the Week-end who asked for either a wallet or pocket card. I love doing pocket cards using acatate. You might have noticed that an earlier attempt to meet the Stamp Something Challenge failed due to a lack of embellishments 2 ribbons 3 flowers 2 of which a doubles think this one is OK.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Crown Tag

Today has been so much fun. Pam is just slightly more nutty about cats than I am, last time she was here Izhe had not joined us M&P were very young and hid most of the time. Today their curiosity over came their reserve and they spent a lot of time with us; Top cat Pounce even allowed Pam to tickle his tum! There was even a photo op to get all 3 of them into the same shot.

The Tag is for Something Completely Different's final June Challenge so the last of the tags for them. The idea is to include a crown on your tag, well the only crowns here are made of Grunge board which fits with Lots To Do this week which calls for the use of this material. The tag itself has been sprayed with 4 different colours of Glimmer mists. the larger crown was Alcohol inked and then sprayed with glimmer mist the smaller crown just sprayed. Some rub on lettering, gems and ribbon complete this simple little piece.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Allsorts - Acatate

Evening All, good friend Pam is coming for a visit tomorrow so probably not a lot of papercrafting will get done but it will be great to see her its been a few months.

Are we all having problems with our internet, think it might be IE8 which is pants, loaded it a few weeks ago and had to do a complete factory reset to get rid, think it has crept back in with one of those pesky updates you know who likes to infect us with now and again. Anyway if your site has music very sorry but cannot access it at the mo, will try a restore again tomorrow if there is time and see it that helps.

Have played with some paper and stuff today to make this card. The moth is acatate coloured with sakura pens. the whole orange thing is a nod to nature where a brown, orange, yellow moth is quite common. The rose stamp is one of those lovely foam backed ones from QVC. the little butterfly if fantasy film, made it last week for the mask but even for me a third winged thing on that was too much seemed like a fitting embellishement for this card. love how fantasy film plays with the light it is the camara flash making it blue!

Oh yes the challenges are Allsorts and Stamp Something Oh whoops this was going to be my Stamp Something entry but just re-read the requirements and it needs 3 embellishments, will have to rethink.

N is for Nile

We are on N at Linda's Alphabet Challenge we because there are a few of us besides the DT who have entered each week so far! Must be the alphabet bringing out all this creativity.

Here N is for Nile that magic mysterious river in a land where it never rains. It is said to have given rise to civilisation as we know it, seeing pictures of all the wonderful artifacts found there it was certainly a culture of great creativity which still inspires people the world over.

Tanda stamp embossed with silver EP coloured with Pro Markers and liberial use of the blender pen (great tool) topped off with a few gilding flakes.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Tanda Teaser 104 - Chocolate Orange

what a terrific idea over at Tandastamps this week,
Wendy set the bar high with her own example do check it out.

Anyway after much head scratchin' and a bit of a false start came up with this card. All Tandastamps the main image stamped in Brown Stayzon and clear embossed. coloured with Brillance ink pads (green) Pro Markers & Glimmer mists. Just for good measure the Mack style background flowers are embossed with cosmic shimmer. If you look hard enough you will see the kitchen sink in there as well.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Stampin for the week-end - 60's rock

He might not be strumming 'Whiter shade' here but you can just imagine that as soon as practice is over he will be off and rockin'. The new team at Stampin' for the week-end set a challenge this week to base a card on one of three 1960's hits. Whiter is for many an anthem, but can anyone tell me what it is actually about please?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Stamp Something - Black White and Another

This week the Stamp Something challenge is one of those wonderful ones where you a given a couple of colours (or non colours) and no other hints or clues. Decided on the image first and wanted to stamp that in Lightening Black which is kinda black gold which settled the choice of third colour. Also having just discovered spray and sparkle needed an excuse to get my hand all glittery again.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lots to do - Haberdashery

Phew what a day. Today Pounce became a fully fledged hunter waking me at 6:00 to show off his prize a young stirling. Poor little thing did not survive but you cannot be cross it is what cats do. Will not be long before Minx and Izhe are bring home their trophys, if you are reading this Fifi take warning the IMPS, at 16 & 14 months, are not much older than your two.

After that excitement forgot all about the GP today so no idea yet who won!

So this is probably two challenges it is certainly Lots to do Haberdashery challange with a strip of Basic grey lace for a head band complete with fibre side piece. The face set the whole thing off, it has been coloured with ink pads (there is a harliquin pattern under there somewhere) spray paint and glimmer mists! pages from 2 of my favouriate pads have been cut up and decouparged on. Sequins applied for brows, gems surround the eye sockets and decorate one cheek. the whole was then sprayed with glitter varnish and finally a fantasy film butterfly stamped twice and added in layers for diamension. This truely is the face of a flower power child of the 1960s.

AllSorts challenge set by Brenda calls for wings as part of your project. Suspect this is not quite what she had in mind and if there is time/inspiration later in the week may make something else for that challenge but as it stands this is it.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Home & Garden

This week on Something Completely Different the Tag challenge is to include something home related. First thought those stamps from QVC 8 or 9 years ago there were about 50 in a fab storage box and a real mixture of styles and sizes. there are 3 or 4 that are home related for this the little Home sweet Home seemed best. So with a stamp in mind i went onto the WWW to find pictures of keys these two came on a royalty free plate of 5 old fashined keys printed alcohol inked and clear embossed they look quite good. Now the stamp onto a piece of corragated card and onto some scrap acatate that was alcohol inked a while back, even stuck togather it still only shows clear at a certain tilt in a certain light so out come the black promarker. For the tag itself a scrap of acatate backed with Johnson's klear floor polish and inks has been cut into a basic house shape and over stamped with the Tanda Flower and Butterfly stamp used last week, the image has been coloured with matalic paint that was rubbed when dry to remove some of the colour. The flower on Fantasy fibre is one of several made a couple of years ago using an older Craft Stamper freebi, that project did not work out but the flower is just right now. the words and peel offs were added as a finishing touch. Basically this piece uses up a lot of my old scraps!

Friday, 19 June 2009

M is for - Music

Still working through the Ally Pally acquisitions (shameful but at least they are not just sitting on a shelf only getting the occassional stroke) This is another Butterfly Kisss stamp. The master rocker himself is this weeks contribution to Linda's Alphabet Challenge Half way now with some tough letters comong up!

Love the way the blue glass ep bubble on this giving a crackle effect to the image.

Might not get a lot done this week-end will be popping over to Poole for Poole Afloat tomorrow and its the British GP on Sunday......

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lots to Do - Time to do your own thing!

Happened across another challenge this week this one is set by Creative Inspirations who ask for anything except a card or an atc. This matches so well with the Lots to do that something had to be done! My replacement meltpot has been sitting around waiting for a excuse to get it fire up the rest was play time

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Allsorts - Triangles

Have never seen anyone else use this fold this way, don't understand it because its easy and makes an interesting shape, stands up for display so go on try it.

This week the theme at Allsorts is to incorporate a triangle into your work so here are two.

Something completely different - with a heart

Sticking with their Tag theme for June Something Completely Different are looking for tags including a heart somewhere. this was tough! did not like my first effort and had to completely re-work it this morning. the stamps come from the Stamp Bug guild sets all the embelishments (excluding ribbon and brad) are freebies from one source or another great way to put them to use.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Stamp Something - Sketch Something & Lots to do

Another sketch from Stamp Something this week. Great opportunity to play with an image that has just started to grow in mind, might have to get the paints out and develope this into something a bit larger. The main image is coloured with glimmer paints really pleased with how they worked out for this. The coloured background page uses the chalk pads swiped over it.

Am offering this as my piece for the Lots to do challenge this week as that is an open call and I'm plesed with this one.

Friday, 12 June 2009

L is for - 10 Lords a Leaping

My First Christmas card of the year! The stencil is from a set of 12 tree decorations found in Past Times one January sale many moons ago. Being thinner & more fiddley than 'proper' sencils running them through the cuttlebug onto paper works best. Week 12 of Linds's Alphabet Challenge is represented by a leaping lord.

Tanda Teaser 102 - Beautiful Butterflies

Must be the time of year and there seem to have been lots of beautiful butterflies in the garden this year. This week the Tanda Teaser was set by Wendy the challenge being to include a butterfly somewhere in your piece. Yes Wendy said she laughed when she saw my entry last week, and for a while it looked like it might go in again because I like to use Tanda stamps for their teasers and was not sure if there were any more butterflies. A quick hunt through the stash brought this stamp to the surface. the words are from the much used Birthday verses also from Tanda. The background is a K&Co mat.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Jazzy Inspirations - Purple Green Black & White

Purple again! yes the pansies are purple its computer tech not picking up the shade properly sorry. Every 2 weeks Jazzy Inspirations sets a new challenge based on the colours of a Jazz album sleeve this time it is a Paul Chambers album. Have to confess that I have not heard of him or perhaps its just that the name did not register. Love visiting this site it has sound that really appeals so just leave the site open and chill.

For my card used a favourite trick of covering the image with clear embossing powder to just add a little sheen.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Lots to do - Charming

Well for now this is about it, the IMPs are resting up probably storing up energy to go frog hunting tonight but right now butter wouldnt'....

Lots to do set their challenge this week as Charm-ing. Was going to be the Stars (below) but on reflection its time to use this memory glass set that has been in the stash for a long time gathering dust.

Sorry would not want to give anyone the wrong idea the frame for this comes 'ready made' you open it up slide the glass panels in which is a bit of a fiddle but can be done without a safety net and then close it up, no soldering or metal work required.

Something for the Weekend - Purple and Yellow

Earlier this year in someone's garden there was a wonderful display of Yellow and Purple pansies, could not get the colour combination out of my head for weeks and then finally made a card of it. Now with a new challenge Something for the week-end the colour combination has come back. Wanted to do something different with it and went through the stash, this Celtic stencil struck a cord backed by fantasy fiber and a sun burst cut freehand from some yellow vellum.

Sorry if I gave the impression that this is hand embossed on this occassion the stencil was popped through the Cuttlebug, although I like to think that my dry embossing is as good time was the factor here.

Something completely different - stars and stripes

I hear the rain was pretty bad in some places and stirred a few memories of the floods a couple of years back. Hope no-one has suffered more than a recollection of that bad time and the rain has now stopped for everyone. Feel very lucky here, we had rain last night but that was about it and now as the day winds down its wall to wall blue (almost) again.

So many challenges and so little time have been crafting most of the week-end but once again the ironing is done, where does it come from and why?

Something Completely Different have set their June projects as Tags, new into my life these seem to be becoming a feature. The style for this week is Stars & Strips, well the American Flag springs to mind but the idea is Something Completely different. Lots to do have set a Charm Challenge, more of that in a post to follow, which put the idea in mind of shrink plastic stars, another old stamp, and a stripy tag. A bit of mirror card some scrap and away we go.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tanda Teaser 101 - Impossible to resist

This week the Tanda Teaser is to use a resist stamping method of your choice, a challenge set by Sue . Another great excuse to get the Glimmer Mists out again! The words stamped on the flowers are also Sue's from her Tanda birthday verses set.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Feminine strength

This month on Lots to Do there is a Tag Swap, simple make 3 tags and get 3 back! Have gone with 3 strong images. The first is simply Perfect Pearls on black card, the second a cheerful heat embossed image on mirror card coloured with Pro Markers and finally an image heat embossed in two colours and coloured with Pro Markers and Identi pens.

K is for - Kicking + Allsorts Pink & White

It has been a glorious week all sunny and summery shame to have been in the office but needs must. Had time to play in the evenings and this is the first of the results for this week.

Have lost count of the number of weeks now for The Alphabet Challenge but we are up to K. Have had this stamp for years, it really lends itself to 3d decouparge not so clear in this picture.

This card looks pinker in the flesh but perhaps this toned down version will be less distressing to those of us who are not so comfortable around pink!

Have just seen that Allsorts challenge this week is Pink and White am entering this into that challenge as well - cor a very unusual (for me) 2 in 1!