Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 16 of 16

Well the last 2 weeks have flown by but they have been full of fun and visits to some interesting and lovely places.

Yesterday I did get out and visit Tattershall Castle one of those places that at least partially survived Cromwells destruction of Royalist strongholds.   Here he commanded that the fortifications were demolished but allowed the tower to stand.

Today visitors can walk right to the top, 149 steps up a spiral staircase.    The stone hand rail is smooth from hundred of years of use and who knows how many hands.    The stone steps have all been filled in where years of use had worn hollows into the them.  

The visit set off a train of thought about England's History especially the reign of Henry viii and later the 1st Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.    First Henry in the 1530's ordered the confiscation of church property especially the rich abbeys Thronton amount them.   This led to their eventual falling into ruin, today they are quiet and interesting places to visit frequently in wonder at the workman ship that built them in the first place.

Then the British Civil War leading to a puritanical government and Cromwells 'reign' of terror resulting in so many old Norman established castles being destroyed.    Two significant periods both with their roots in religion both leading to bloodshed and destruction.

So another good day out ended with a visit to Let's Create, Jo Channon's shop in Tattershall.   Well being in the area it would have been rude not to visit wouldn't it?

Today, well for now I'm listening to/watching a recording of the Shadows Final Tour in 2004.   All that magical 1960's music and so much fun seeing these veteran musicians enjoying their music and still making the moves they did nearly 40 years earlier.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 15 of 16

It rained yesterday, not really the weather to go looking round ruins soI stayed at home.   Think today will be a normal kind of Saturday or maybe that will be tomorrow it would still be nice to go to Tattershall if I can.

So I used up some scraps.

A pre-cut page for my journal thingie, this was stamped last week with the flower filled piano but it did not work as planned and so set aside.   The embossed card used for yesterdays card a piece left over covered here with some kitchen foil previously experimented on.

The foil has been coloured with alcohol inks and other paints gilding flakes and glitter dropped onto the wet paints.    Old Johnsons floor polish dripped over and a piece of recycled acetate places on top.    I left this for several days and then separated the foil and acetate.    Ruined the Acetate with a stamp such is life.   The foiled placed over the embossed card and gently worked with 10SS tools to bring out the design.

The foil covered card hides the bad stamping on the base card.   The base card coloured with both DI and Adirondack inks, the lolly stick was pre coloured.    Both card and stick stamped with Crafty Individual Stamps the stick lined up to fit over the card.

It is playing like this and just finding out what happens that I love to do and these 'journal' cards are perfect to experiment on.

Sharing the results with
Daring Cardmakers - No scissors please
Left of Center - Use Metal


Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 14 of 16

So really with just the week-end to come my 2 weeks leave is nearly over.   Stayed at home yesterday as I do not want to make the sun burn worse.   No fear of that today so might be a good day to have a little more exploration, there are a couple of interesting properties at Tattershall.

On Wednesday updating the Challenges for Days list a few challenges caught my eye each contributed to the design of this card.

The panel has been embossed in a folder and the raised areas picked out in different green coloured ProMarkers.    The die cut butterfly is vellum also coloured with a green ProMarker.    The sentiment and the butterfly settling on it are stamped in yet more green.

The challenges are

Creative Inspirations - Clean and Simple
I Love Promarkers - Embossing
Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenge - Embossing
Butterfly Challenge - Monochromatic
Crafty Creations - Things with Wings
Deep Ocean Challenge - Favourite Colour Combination.   Green is my favourite colour here it is in various shades.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 13 of 16

The day has dawned light and bright again, this week is summer.   My face is rather burnt from yesterday and the is an interesting stripe on the right side where the arm of my glasses covers it.   Think this is from driving around with the car window open.

Well no crafting yesterday I was have such an interesting time at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  Very interesting place with great spaces for the animals there helpful and informative staff, the whole place is clean and well laid out.

That made 2 wonderful visits to wildlife parks this week, here are a few pictures  of both places.

Mablethorpe Seal and Animal Sanctuary.   Here are two of the permanent residents seals who it was not possible to release.   I think there are about 6 permanent seal residents two types of seal are generally cared for here Common and Grey.   The Grey's often come from Donna Nook just up the Humber estuary where as cubs they might be injured or abandoned.  

There are several pools holding recovering and pre-release seals, who are all very playful and inquisitive.   This youngster spent a lot of time at this porthole while in the pool 4 or 5 others played.

Seals are not the only residents there is a beautiful pair of Lynx, Meerkats, Red Fox and Badger.   The foxes and badgers were injured on the roads and came here to recover and live permanently I caught a glimpse of a fox but their sections are very well arranged giving these lovely wild animals lots of privacy. 

As you walk around the gardens you pass aviary after aviary providing homes for many birds including a wonderful barn layout where if you peep through knot holes you can see 2 barn owls resting.   Reading the information notice you learn that each of these birds was injured and each has had one wing amputated.

Another aviary if home to these gannets.   This group sitting preening and sunbathing on this platform provided a fabulous photo opportunity.

So much to see, so much to learn a wonderful day out.

Yesterday and off inland to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.   I've already exulted their virtues above now here are some pictures.

There are 4 white wolves at the Park they have a large enclosure with lots of places to go for privacy.

There are 2 Siberian Lynx, this is the female checking out where that last piece of meat was.

Most of the birds are birds of prey and there was a magical flying display.   This chap wanders freely around the park possibly looking for his tail!

There is a tropical house with a butterfly section where I managed to snap these beauties.

Now that i know these two wonderful wildlife/zoological parks i will have to get my proper camera out and batteries charged before visiting again.

Not sure what today holds, think staying out of the sun might be a good idea!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 12 of 16

Yesterday was spent at home watching the rain clean the windows.  It didn't rain all day but by the time it improved I was very comfortable here at home.  Not sure where I'm going today, I do have another clutter bag to drop off and hopefully some wildlife to watch.

Another page for my 'Journal' collection this time using a new to me technique Painters Tape.   I found out about this from here.   Not having the materials used I took regular UK masking tape with distress inks, once the colour was transferred to the card I spritz it with water and left it to dry naturally.

When dry the card was stamped with a mix of Hobby Art & SU stamps using Memento inks the images have all been coloured with ProMarkers.   Along the top a freebie embossing folder was pressed  with a wooden kitchen tool.    Sakura glitter pen marked out the bottom of the embossed design, helping to show it while keeping it in the background.

Sharing this with
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Simon Says Mondays - I ought to use this more, the technique itself now I know about it ……!
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OK the sun has now gone in, still going to find somewhere interesting to visit today.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Craft-Room Challenge Inspired by Tattoo Art with a little hand drawn embellishment

Just a small break in my holiday countdown to introduce the new challenge at Craft-Room Challenge.

Now for some exciting news, well we think it is exciting.   We have a new roomie joining the team from this challenge.   Please welcome Christi to the team, you'll find her sample with all the teams over at the challenge site.

This time I challenge you to take inspiration from an art form that fascinates me, Tattoo art.   Clean outlines bright bold colours and stylised images, there are clear distinct styles Japanese, American Traditional, Tribal, Black & Grey/Portrait, Pinup gals, and what I'll call modern decorative.   Follow which ever tattoo style appeals to you and tell us which it is please.   Little twist add a hand drawn element from your own hand.

Our sponsor for this challenge is once again Tando Creative, they have their own on line shop now as well making it really easy to get hold of some of their goodies and I do sincerely mean goodies.

My card uses images from Bombshell Stamps whose who range is tattoo inspired.   The text is from an old Tanda stamp and the hand drawn elements are the water droplets, ribbons of water around the fish and the ripples below the flower.    All colouring with Do-Crafts felt pens.

Tempted? we would love you to join us for this challenge at Craft-Room Challenge.                                  

Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 10 of 16

The Day has dawned bright so it is off to Mablethorpe to visit the Seal Sanctuary there might be pictures tomorrow.

For today there is a seaside scene made with an Imagination Crafts stencil and some freebie stamps

Oh yes I own this stencil and these stamps.   This was only made yesterday using white A4 card cut down to make a square card.   If the canvas had not occurred to me this card would have been made as my sample for the Craft-Room Challenge Sun, Sea, Surf which is still open until 8 pm this evening (UK time).

The stencil marked out with ProMarkers and then some sky and sand freehanded in.   The stamps used with Memento in grey fussy cut and coloured with ProMarkers.   Yes her legs are a different colour to her face and arms at this time of the year its what usually happens to us northern europeans, unless we are out side all the time.   The seagull needed no colouring but as one of my favourite British birds it had to be there.

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Now for those of you who know me well please do not be concerned I have not had a change of medication turning me into a cutie, it was always within me but does not surface often.   For you here is a little doodle.

I'm sharing this with
Crafting with Dragonflies - Zentangle, Black and White

Right I'm off.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 9 of 16

Getting a bit bored now with the weather would rather like it to make up it's mind but then it's still the week-end and everywhere will be much quieter Monday to Friday.    Perhaps I should do more de-cluttering rather than moaning…….

Yesterday, being a Saturday, time for my usual weekly CAS offering.   The Less is More theme is Watercolour.   Oh goodie - messy!

This started with the main panel and a stamp I've had in the collection for quite a while but had not previously inked.    Tried the method of colouring the stamp and spritzing it with water but the image is not solid enough to get a decent result.   So stamped it with Grey Versafine and then got to work on it with Whisper Pens, spritz, more Whisper Pens, and Water Brush.    To give the Vignette feel green felt pen scribbled onto an acetate block picking the colour up with the water brush.    Martha Stewart punches used because they felt right for this card.

Right playtime, wonder if those clouds will break up.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 8 of 16

Didn't finish any crafty projects yesterday it was a gorgeous day so I visited a near by ruin, Thornton Abbey.   It is a fascinating site very peaceful, sheep grazing farm fields all around and quiet county roads.  

There is a very small, 11 space car park and a picnic area outside you then walk up this path to the entrance which must have been designed to make you feel very small.

Reaching this imposing arch with statue filled niches above.  The imposing Christian themed figures look down on you.   800/900 years ago when the site was constructed and the stonework was fresh and new they must have been magnificent.

One of the small ground floor gatehouse rooms is now the little shop where you pay your admission fee.   Lovely lady there explains that you can explore the Gate House, yes this is a gatehouse, but to be careful of changing levels and uneven floors.    If you walk across the filed to the Abbey remains please shut the gate so the sheep to do get out.

It is an odd and interesting place to explore, the guide books explains that its use is not really understood lacking kitchens, and rooms, it was not a dwelling.   There are two upper floors each with a vast main area that my whole house would rattle in.   This is the one on the 2nd floor, empty except for some stone pillar base remains and those 2 fire extinguishes by the entrance.  Along the length of the building either side of these are passageways lined with archers narrow windows and ending in small spaces but mostly it was dark passageways to no where.  You gain entry from some wooden stairs and along one of these passage ways reaching the first floor great room which explains the history of the place, lots of interesting facts and examples of stonework found on the site.

The second floor is reached by these narrow stone spiral stairs, the picture is the underside looking up.   The stairs lead higher to the roof but there is a looked door at the top.    The exit is down these stairs, very glad to reach the bottom.

Across the field of sheep to the Abbey remains, just 2 sections of wall stands but the outline of this great building is marked out in its remains on the ground, and the grave slabs of men buried there.   Walking round and imagining the community walking in there same places in their long habits and wooden foot ware.   Found myself thinking of other sites I know, Nettly Abbey also a ruin but with more walls standing.  Corfe Castle and its bloody history, the Keep at Christchurch and others but non so remote from the modern world as this one.   Well Stonehenge is but that place pre-dates this one by 3000 years.

Wonderful place to visit and catch the sun a little.   Interesting place to try and sketch, but I'm not ready to share that with you.

Today the sun has gone back in and as it is the week-end everywhere will be busy so a day to stay at home me thinks.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Day 7 of 16

Well that is the whole first week gone! and I dreamt about work last night.   It has been a good week might not have got out and about as much as but have started the de-clutter and getting a few others things sorted or at least moving in the right direction.  

Of course I've been a happy little crafter this week as well playing with all sorts of materials and ideas.   Got a couple of different projects to share with you both made during the week.

No 1 for Crafty Individuals, Tags you it.

The base is a Spellbinders shaped oval die embossed in a folder and the embossing touched with a gilding wax.   Topped by CI's Dressmaker stamp, I could never bear to cut this one up so it is fussy cut giving the stylish models a cat walk to strut their stuff on.   Colouring done with Do-Crafts felt pens.

This tag also works well with
Simon Says Wednesdays - You Gotta Have Friends

No 2 for Crafty Cardmakers and More

After scaring the team with Fluffy it seemed on right to make something else a little gentler for their going round in circles them and actually started this one before my first entry in their challenge this week.   There is a DT call for a new mixed media challenge there as well and I'm hoping to demonstrate something of my range.

This is yet another of those journal cards I've been making to store in those desk calendar holders I rescued from work.
I've done quite a few of these with Gallery Glass Paint and stamping, colouring with Promarkers.    Might get the Alcohol inks next.   I digress the card first the Tando Creations circles mask dusted over with Adirondack inks.   Next a Special Touch mask deepening the blue above the birds and the greens below.   Not liking the bottom left corner it was covered with a lot of pretty little paper flowers which I like a lot more.   The CI stamp used on a small left over piece of card stamped in grey Memento ink and coloured with ProMarkers, attached with little sticky pads.

This also works for
Crafty Creations - Tic Tac Toe, left down Flowers, 2 Layers, & Circles.

Right time to get dressed and decide on the best use of the day.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 6 of 16

Great to see some sunshine yesterday afternoon, although it seems to have retreated behind clouds again this morning.   Hay ho the up side is that this is comfortable weather to be out and about in.

Yes I did just about manage my ambitions for yesterday, keep the hurdle low and you stand a chance.   Also pretty much sorted out the future of this house, just got to wait now for everything else to be resolved.

And of course some time to get inky.

Remember the pages I was making and sharing earlier this year, (& the calendar made at the end of last)?   Well this is another one, inspired by Running with Scissors, a Grimsby Craft Shop.   Take three things Rectangle, Yellow and Ribbon Tracey talks about follow the yellow brick road.   So off I went to bed thinking of a meandering yellow strip from top to bottom widening as it came down, with little cobbles hand drawn on it, z z z so no idea how the design went from there.

Yesterday wide awake and feeling proud of myself for finding the floor sucker.   Out came card 5 6/16" x 4 10/16" That Special Touch Mask, Inkylicious Ink Dusters and Adirondack inks in Sandlewood, Butterscotch & Sunshine colour blended through mask over card.   7 of the shapes were marked out in fine nib black pen.    Next the PSX style Sunflower stamp inked with Memento Bamboo and then filled with Do Crafts felt pens, the fine nib of the yellow one used to fill the letters.   Yellow Ric Rak ribbon cut to fill the corner in the suggestion of sun rays (must have been the effect of actually seeing the sun yesterday.) A creamy button tops these attached with Silicone glue oh that and the dst used to attach the ribbon will need glitter then!   Thought it would look good in the centre of the flower as well.   Decided to keep this one clean and not distress the edges.    I'll pop this into the shop later there is a charity shop near by so they will be getting the first bag of de-clutter.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 5 of 16

I did go out for a little walk yesterday, in sandals my feet need hardening off.   Also found out that there is no need for me to visit St. Annes this fortnight, quite a petrol saving.    Today is one of discipline I need to get the carpet sucker out and fill at least one bag with clutter for the charity shop.

Non of the above is of interest to you really is it! but this is also something of a diary for me.

Earlier this week Dot of Dot's Dabbles  entered our Craft-Room Challenge her card which involved Alcohol inks triggered this one.   Kitchen foil, Alcohol inks, Acetate.    Initially a piece of acetate was pressed into the alcohol inks and left for a day and night.    Lifting it off the mix of the inks resulted as seen.   The foil was then backed with card making a neat base.   Another piece of acetate stamped with the new Clarity Wooden horse in Stayzon.   I would have entered this into their challenge but you can only use Clarity stamps there, shame but rules is rules.

I am sharing this with
Simon Says - No rules just get creative.
Eclectic Ellapu - No2 For A Man

OK now where did I last see that cleaning thing……..

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 4 of 16

Panic it already feels like the 2 weeks are slipping away!

Yesterday was one for staying at home, finishing a couple of projects starting a couple more and starting to make plans for my current house.   Today will be abut making plans for some of the next 12 days.

So finishing off projects.

These 3 came out of the same background making session one evening last week.   In Craft Stamper this month there are a couple of projects that appealed to me.    The first Bleach Blocking, the second a group of torn and layered tag.   Bleach Blocking made the background then, it involves distress inks and water.   I experimented with different surfaces and shapes to do the bleaching but think I might have been to busy with the distress inks in the first place.

The torn layering first then.   Using some of the bolder coloured card torn into strips and arranged on the base card, which had also been coloured with DI and bleached.   Once the layout decided the base card was stamped with Andy Skinner Images.   The top strip came from the less deeply coloured part of the card stamped with Hobby Art's delightful poppies.   The poppy stamp used on another piece of card for added dimension, the colouring was done with Do Crafts felt pens and glazed with Sakura clear glaze pen.    Of several bee stamps the Magenta one is my favourite double stamped and coloured in the same manner as the poppies.

For this book cover a section of the paler bleach marked card cut down to make a topper.    Cherry Lynn flourish die cut from another piece of the card.   TH bird stamped and coloured with DI Scattered Straw and Vintage Photo.    The label 'Artist Journal' is also a TH stamp in Vintage Photo ink.    Got my Bind it all out for this one as it is quite a slim little book.

Finally the 'waste' from the flourish die cut backed by black card made this card from.   Just the addition of the bee coloured with Sakura pens, and the sentiment written in Sakura silver.   Think this one probably shows of my bleach blocking attempts best.

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A Vintage Journey - Wings and things, TH inspiration on these?  The backgrounds are totally TH, not to mention some of the stamps.

Back to planning and maybe a little de-cluttering.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 3 of 16

Today started with a little luxury, a lie in!   Guess I'm a little tired and the body is making the most of no alarm call.!

Yesterday went off mooching around the area.   Have discovered that looking at property on Rightmove is a great way to discover places you might not hear of other wise.   The property the link takes you to is very close to a Seal Sanctuary and Mablethorpe beach.    I do hope to be house hunting seriously later this year but for now it is just a learning exercise.   In this case pretty bungalow albeit with a flat roof, it is not in the right place for me.

As a child I suffered dreadfully with motion sickness, and as a passenger still do.   Yesterday a new first I experience this effect.  Guess much as I want to be somewhere rural fewer twisting roads are going to be part of my requirements.  I will be going back to visit the Seal Sanctuary this fortnight.

So not a lot of crafting, in fact no actual crafting but here are a couple of ProMarker practice pieces.   Waves and Flames.   Given that these two subjects are never still it makes them very interesting to draw and paint and they both fascinate me.   These then are my two latest attempts at capturing the life and movement of such insubstantial forms.

The second one also includes one of my favourite birds, a gull flying out of the sun.

Never one to miss a cheeky opportunity I'm sharing this with.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 2 of 16

Oh yes I'm counting all 3 week-ends, makes a 16 day long break.

Yesterday was a real unwind day, without the need to get everything done over a week-end I just went with the flow.

This card shows off two of my new Lost Coast Designs from Make the Day Special.   Their's is a great way to get US made rubber over here, I learnt about them first when they were the sponsors at Less is More.    Ideal then to use them for a Less is More challenge.

The theme this week is One Layer, off the edge.   The gorgeous dramatic feathers stamped first in Archival ink, black and then coated with WOW fine detail gold powder.   Archival ink might not be the best for embossing but I love the slightly shabby result, perfect for the feathers.   A mask covered the image and the Wish, Welcome, Grow, Believe stamp used again with the Archival ink.   Those feathers cried out for colour so Mown Lawn, Salty Ocean, & Peacock Feathers applied over the area with, you guessed it my ink dusters, the whole then polished to bring the ep back up.

I'm also sharing this with
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Moo-Mania, who now are open to all formats - Use Feathers

Well it is still overcast here, which might mean not to many day trippers so might be a day to visit the coast.   The Humber Estuary is lined with interesting nooks and undeveloped areas.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Day 1 of 2 weeks annual leave

No plans to go away but spend time at home, de-cluttering, spending more time exploring the beautiful places around here camera and sketch book in hand.   And maybe the odd day traveling further afield just to see.   I really like sleeping in my own bed and really enjoy this island of ours.

So last evening starting to relax and unwind in front of the moving wallpaper a little exploration into the Realistic Abstract.   Sun, Sea & Sky with torched earth.   A pencil and felt pen drawing in my little sketch book.

My mind was also roving as it so often does thinking about what I get from this universal hobby of ours.   It is the exploration of the boundaries of what can be created, re-vitalised, crafted out of what ever is to hand.    My mountain of alterables seems to grow faster than I can use it to the amusement of work colleagues and other non crafting friends/family.    You know what I meant don't you.   I don't want to be a trend setter, nor do I follow fashion, at least not just because.

Suspect over the coming couple of weeks there will be one or two explorations finding their way onto this blog.  I hope you enjoy them you can be sure a lot of fun will have gone into their crafting.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Craft-Room Challenge - Sun, Sand & Surf

From time to time we all say this, Where is the year going?  It is almost the middle of June and before this fortnights challenge ends the Solstice will have passed and summer will be upon us!   Well us in the north that is, winter down under.   I love that cycle each hemisphere giving the promise of things to come to the other a very satisfying, never ending cycle.

Following an extremely popular challenge from Annie I predict that this Craft-Room Challenge from Amber will be even more popular giving everyone a lot of fun.   The theme this time is Sun, Sand & Surf.    We are sponsored by Crafty Individuals.

Here is my take on this fortnights theme 

Don't you just love a good challenge? I do and this one really set me off.   As you can see I have 'painted' a canvas.   Starting with No Nails the wave, spray and some sea was marked out, then the wait for the adhesive to go off.   After which the acrylic paints were unearthed, sun, sky & sea painted in, for added texture Viva pastes crackle for the sea and terra for the suggestion of sand bottom left.

My roomies all have their own take on the theme please check them out, they would love to hear from you.

This is my entry this month to the two alter art challenges I try to enter every month.

Altered Eclectics - Always anything altered goes

Rhedd's Creative Spirit - Always anything altered goes

By using the No Nails in this way I claim that the adhesive is altered, well it's worth a try ROFL

Simon Says (Monday Challenge) - Paint

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Wooden Tag

I love poppies, have always loved them cheerful bright red delicate flowers popping in verges on waste sites all per the place these delicate flowers bring a cheerful splash of colour.

So I've been looking at this tag wondering what to do today a poppy stencil reminded me of it's existence.  Gave the MDF tag a coat of weathered wood distress stain and then used the stencil with embossing paste.    When it was dry, with the help of a heat gun, white DI stain worked over everything and the embossed paste coloured with ProMarkers.    Various floral and flourish stamps decorate the sides of the tag some before the second coat of weathered wood stain applied and then Promarker Twilight finally more stamping.

The butterfly is wax paper, it was used to help cut some DP with a die but when it came out of the die I decided that the wax paper die cut was better for this.   There is a little bee stamp top right of the tag as well.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

One layer Transport for Dad in my preferred bedroom colours

Well I guess the title of this post give you a few clues as to the content.   It's a card, suitable for Father's day, mine died in 1999 we were not fond of each other but he would have liked this card and if I'd had the various elements used I might well have made it for him.

Challenges in my mind as I created it:

Addicted to CAS - Transport.   The horse image is an old magnate one picked up in a bargain bin it is a great favourite.   This was stamped with Brilliance 'Lightening Black', another old favourite.

Less is More - The colours in your bedroom.   Well since moving here I've done quite a bit to the house but not decorated my bedroom.   However the things I've brought for it and introduced in to it are all Black or Green.   You might know of my love of green.

Allsorts - One Layer Cards they have made stunning samples this week so very worth checking them out.   For my one layer design I used a Spellbinder die to emboss the centre square for the image.   Parts of the embossing (those that would have been cut out if a cutting plate had been used) were coloured with ProMarker & the outside line traced with fine liner in black.    Green DI has been dusted over the crease of the card and touched in other places to give a slight distressed/aged feel.   Water was also spritzed over the DI.

Country View Challenges - For Men Only.   Another favourite used for the word DAD, it is another old set from the Stamp Bug.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Little Mid Week CAS

Since Chrissie and Mandi started Less is More a few years back there has been a a great many new challenges with a similar focus on the CAS style.   Despite my struggle with the style I persist in trying basically it is very easy but making the style distinctive and interesting is rather more challenging.

This card is a response to Less is More, use more than one stamp.   The delightful little cat and probably my oldest polymer stamp set for the paw prints.

AAA Cards one of the newest CAS challenges and one we follow over at Challenges for days.   AAA have a picture inspiration asking people to use the elements seen in the picture.  A Cat, check; there is a ball of wool or something of that nature, check; and a book I've used part of a page torn from a paper crafting magazine.    Both the knitting thread and the paper have been treated much as they might be by the cat. Trust me I am well versed in how a cat will treat these other two elements.

OK time for work, it is my turn to update the CFD list this evening.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Had a little play last evening, made a post card.   The base is Watercolour card from a pad designed to be used for small artworks and send to friends.   They were on offer at Hobbycraft recently and make an interesting platform as you can see they take stamps and other mediums very well.

A couple of stamps were inked in the making, and a little making employed to tie them together.  Next the Tando Creative circles mask was laid over the stamped card and various orange shades of DI blended over.   Taking the mask off some of the blank circles we coloured in with Do Crafts pens building an area of bright colour in the centre of the postcard.   Now it just happens that one of the stamps I used is Hero Arts 'Watch Gears'.  

What better to add to this than some little metal watch and clock parts, the hands and various cogs were added with the help of a lot of glossy accents.   It had to be left overnight for the glossy stuff to set, this morning I saw the result properly, in natural light.   It is exactly the effect that was intended, it's good when stuff works the way you want.

The postcard is for the UK Stampers June PC swap - Anything goes with Circles and Stars (the centres of the cogs where the spokes look like little stars).   New members are always welcome if you are interested in joining a friendly crafting group.

Fashionable Stamping - Like Clockwork

Crafty Cardmakers and More have a DT call for a new monthly mixed media Challenge, the call is open to the end of June if you are interested.

Ummmm what shall I do this evening?