Sunday, 31 May 2009

Allsorts - Curly Swirly

Well the ironing is done the green stuff cut, guess the week-end is almost over but with all this sun and not a cloud in the sky it has been beautiful. Hope you have enjoyed it but if like me you tend to burn trust you escaped that. Here then is probably the last offering for this week-end another scrap page of the IMPS. It was their first full day here just Minx and Pounce but they had not then been named and were not at all sure that this was somewhere they wanted to be. Then they found the spare room with hiding places under the bed and a little cosy hidey hole made for 2. Pounce was gaining confidence and showed it here while Minx observed from the 'safe' place behind her brother. The page has been decorated with Grunge swirles coloured with alcohol inks and glimmer mist - well don't want to over do it! This is my entry this week for the Allsorts Challenge.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Lots to do - Travel in Style

Must be the previous theme staying in my mind but when the Lots to do Challenge for this week turned out to be Travel in Style this new set of stamps from Butterfly Kisses sprang to mind. Another Ally Pally purchase so good to make use of your new toys. From certain angles the orange background paper looks like one eye checking out the boats, spooky.

Tanda Teaser 100 - Ahoy Me Mateys

Oh a Pirate theme, if you have been here before you might have noticed that cute/fun images are in short supply around here. Tanda do a couple of set of Viking images including this one which makes me think of the prow of a longboat. Umm Vikings were the original pirates, at least in UK waters weren't they?

Thank you Craft Stamper

Something Completely Different set their final Twinchie challenge with the idea of using a bird image. Really thought I'd have to skip this one then Craft Stamper landed on the mat complete with a lovely little owl stamp as the cover stamp. Stamp by Suger Nellie perfect for this challenge.

Friday, 29 May 2009

J is for Joy

It has been a beautiful day today warm and sunny, wonderful. A day to celebrate the joys of spring so J is for Joy. Have tried to use lots of colour and shimmer on this little ATC which is for the The Alphabet Challenge this week.
I also discovered that if you use glimmer mists on a vellum die cut it curls!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lots to do - Cracked it!

Love the Lots to do challenges but having done a crackle challenge recently wanted to take a different approach with this one. The opportunity came when visiting Ellen's blog with her link to how to do it that I just had to get out a plastic bag and some pvc glue and play. Could have left the glue a bit longer to dry before heating the embossing powder, we live and learn. Think the way the plastic gets holey with the heat gun gives a great effect. Great fun this recommend it to everyone.

More Jazzy Inspirations

Jazzy Inspirations base their challenge on some fab. jazz album covers and are well worth a visit if you have not been there already. Having found the challenge site could not resist going back for the next challenge which is based on the album sleeve of a Miles Davies recording. Not having all the SU colour papers and inks have improvised again, Teal was the most difficult to source not completely sure that the card base really is teal. The spotlight technique is something I've been keen to try and seemed to fit with this stamp nicely.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Stamp Something - A Sketch

Bank Holiday Monday, the freezer is defrosted, the washing is done and most importantly my computer is almost completely restored. big crash yesterday had to do a complete system restore so all unbacked up files were lost, very lucky as far as I can tell/remember only one file has been completely lost and that can be recreated.

The latest challenge at Stamp Something is a sketch by Emily the last of the 4 DT members to leave in May. This challenge is for 2 weeks! so lots of time to come up with an idea.

For mine another of the Ally Pally purchases, this time the Butteyfly kisses collarge stamp. Just used a part of the stamp, just a much as to fit into the little topper.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Allsorts 2 - No Stamped Image

What no stamping! what? How? Cannot make a card without stamping! panic!!!!

Actually do work without stamping quite a bit its just when you tell me not to that my edges fray. At Ally Pally this year found some metal embossing moulds in the reduced pile and having some sheets of metal but not idea what to do with them they seemed an obvious purchase. This card is then moulded metal (great fun) tinted with inkabilities, the card base is sprayed with pearl glimmer mist and topped with tried and trusted chipboard. Have seen this style of 'notepad' card quite a lot recently thought it would be nice this time. It's friend Jane's Birthday next week guess who is getting this card. When i can find it I'll put a link on here to Janes fantistic art work.

the challenge was set by All Sorts Challenge for their 2nd week, getting into their stride.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Never done that before. Regret not having any photos at all of Havoc who passed 12-13 years ago! Have many of Chaos especially from 8 onwards but never made a scrap book about her. With the IMPS it has been in my mind and today made the first 4 LO. Now i understand the addiction and have many more ideas in mind for when there is time.

Showing here in the order made starting with Minx in the apple tree and ending with an unusual shot of all 3 togather. better go and cuddle them now.

Something completely different week 2

Something completely different are continuing with the twinchie theme this week using Pink & Green. Some other colour is allowed for accent but Pink and Green must be the the significent colours. Been a lot of craft on TV today and Ms Bibby said we can use our quickie glue for gilding. Just happen to have some pink gilding flakes to add interest to the corragated card, am hoping to use that for the duration of the twinchie theme. the flower is toilet paper sprayed with glimmer mist and pressed into a mould, the corner wraps are green/gold vellum stamped in glue and gilded. A pink ribbon and adhesive gems top it off.

I is for


or it might be Igloo or indecisive the list of I's is long. Infinity was inspired by a painting exhibited at Chichester cannot remember what it was called just the wonderful loose lines flowing around the richely coloured interior.

i is this weeks letter on the Alphabet Challange this week.

A few days out

Have taken a weeks leave this week the weather has been glorious could not have asked for better.

Monday popped over to Chichester not been for about 20 years and never made it to the Catherdral which has a shrine to St Richard a former Bishop. there is this fantistic fabric art at the shrine.

Did have permission to take pictures in case you were wondering.

Tuesday went to Swanage - the plan was to go to Weymouth but got side tracked. Spent a summer in Swanage about 45 years ago, the place has hardly changed and it was lovely to wander up on the cliffs looking out to sea and then around the harbour as well as a spot of bird watching from the pier.

Wednesay was spot of craft shopping with Carol We managed 2 shops and some lunch but faces and sides aching from laughter. the only pictures taken were of pretty blue sky not really something to go in here.
So now just a couple of quite days with some gentle crafting and then off to Salisbury tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lots to do - Wood

WOOD! where do you start with wood and just what is it. This was one of those to be slept on. Then looking around found, Free chop sticks from Tesco, cocktail sticks and an old colouring pencil. chipboard flowers and dragonfly sprayed within and inch of their lives and put away ages ago. So take a piece of acatate, coat it with Johnson's Klear floor polish and put objects face down on it. Add some alcohol inks and gliding flakes. Back with bright orange tissue paper add more floor polish and a stiff piece of card and you get this. Oh yes seal with clear plastic repair tape (last used to mend a cat flap) and some self adhesive ribbon.
The project is my answer to the Lots to do challenge.

All Sorts 1

Another new challenge blog started this week Allsorts (cannot get the link up just now will try later).

Their first challenge is to make something Sweet, not trusting myself not to try to eat any sweets made chose to make a box to put those sweets into.

Stamp Something - Thank you

This is week 3 of 4 for Stamp Something as they say good by to 4 of the DT. The Challenges have been to use the nominated departing team member each week as inspiration, this week it is Lauren whose style is 'Clean & Simple' with delightful lines clean colours and crisp images. Time to put the mess away then :-)& finally use the Yellow Purple combinatin that has been waiting for its chance.

Actually its time to do soem house work & if that vile rain has stopped maybe get into the garden.

Something Completely Different

Well this is Something Completely Different A Twinchie never done one of those before. It is the first challange set by this group who aim to set a theme each month 1st theme being Twinchies and each week set a subject this week its Wings! A lot of the DT's work was in the Altered direction which i am not really familiar/comfortable with although when you see the brillient results it makes you think. Anyway for this piece there was some left over corragated card that made a lovely 2" square base. A cute little angel stamp from goodness only knows where decouparged it onto the base and coloured it with Promarkers topped everything off with Tatterer Angle chips that are coloured with shimmer chalks and chalk enhancer and finally sprayed with Glimmer mist pearl. Who knew a Twinchie could be so easy?

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jazzy Inspirations

Was not going to post until this evening but stumbled upon a great fortnightly challenge this morning - only problem the deadline is 18:00 today. Thats US time but as I'm not sure if its east or west...

Anyway the challenge called for very specific shades of Red Yellow White & Black. Don't have them improvised in the best Jazz tradition. Like to have time for an idea to settle into the head ummmm just wanted to join in with this love the idea of a card based on an album cover & those colours sing.

So Jazzy Inspirations here is my offering.

Friday, 15 May 2009

H is for

Over on the Alphabet Challange it is already week 8 so the letter is H. H is, of course, for Happy Birthday! Naturally it is also for Horse. A classic card this time, simple but effective.

Tanda Teaser 98

This week Wendy set the Tanda Teaser. The Challange to make a Z fold card. This is one of those things i have always been meaning to do but never got around to. Gosh it is much more challanging than expected, how to fill in 3 faces that are so different but which need to be linked? A couple of false starts later and some wasted corragated card managed to turn this out. The sunflower stamp is an old favourite. its backed by its own mirror image using kiss stamping to give it stability.

Monday, 11 May 2009

One last card from the week-end, have not done any trapeze cards for quite a while but it seemed a good way of producing a pink card for the Stamp something which is pink this week. Pink & Green one of my favourite combinations. The butterfly stamps are very old no idea now where they came from.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Very strange day today its the 1st anniversary of Chaos's passing. Lots of memories some sadness but mostly wonder at the time we had and how now where once just she reigned in supreme solitude three youngesters chase and tumble. A day to celebrate her time with us.

The challange this week on Secret Crafter is to use brads and or gromets. Combine that with a stamp that has been crying out to be used and coloured with the Promarkers and you get todays offering. The sky is blue but lavish use of the blander pen and the effect of digital photography had washed the colour out completely, honest the is blue in there1

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Liked it so much did it again!

Well lines do not have to be striaght and stripes can be broken. Actually just a great excuse to play. Alternative offering to Lots to do

Lots to do

Am really enjoying the Lot to Do challanges they take you in different directions and get you thinking out side the box. This week the idea is Stripes and lines. First thought was lines at school a punishment with which your truly was familiar. this week the wonderful people at Tanda made up a plate of words for me great lines.

Tanda Teaser 97

This week Sue set the Tanda Teaser inviting us to use a crackle effect on our work. Chose this Tanda Lady because she is a great canvas to try using the Letraset Promarker pens. Still not to sure about the flowers growing out of the top of her head!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

G is for

Getting a little ahead of myself this week, this was very easy to do, hopefully it also brings some humour to this little place which has been taking its self a bit to seriously recently.

The origional idea was actually Garden or Gardening, so made that as well.

the link from the Alphabet Challange will go in when the challange is posted there.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday Week-end

As Bank Holiday's go not a bad one it might have been cooler today than yesterday which was cooler than Saturday but they were dry days. It was nice just to relax and play with the toys.

Friend Amanda put a link on her site to box making tutorial great fun to do, been playing.

Also been playing with the Alcohol inks love them. Came up with this card which works for both Lots to do whose challange this week is to include a face on your work. Also Secret Crafter whose challange is to include Flowers. Am starting to find these challanges addictive why did no one warn me? The cats face is a very old stamp cannot remember how long I've had it must be more than 15 years but it is still fresh and effective - well in my book anyway but its a cat image so..... :-)

Back to work tomorrow so guess my crafting fix is complete for another week hay ho.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Stamp Something - For Mom

Over on Stamp Somthing this week the challange is Somthing for Mom. Guess its coming up to Mothers Day in the USA, our Mother's Day was last March & this was my card to mark the day.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Shirley Said

Bless her my good friend Shirley told me that the lacy peel off was all wrong & of course she was right. Thank you hun for being a good friend and helping me get it right.

Been playing with Alchol Inks this morning nothing to show yet but very interesting, yes I know most people got into these years ago but with so much to try and so little time it took this long. will show you how it goes as time goes on.

Better go feed the IMPS and self now. Take care & Have fun

New Challange DT open call

Just been looking at all the lovely work from the people who have already put their names into the hat. There are 4 DT places going on this exciting new challange being set up by Kirsten & Emma. If you are interested pop over to allsorts to see what it is all about.

Friday, 1 May 2009

F is for Fish

On the other hand this little fat book page has been in my head for a couple of weeks now. Yes I am that sad that each weeks letter subject is made during that week but the ideas are forming in advance!

Anyway F is for Fatbook page, and a Fine Fancy Fish, Fishing for Friendship. am a tad disappointed with the picture he glistens more in the flesh.

See The Alphabet Challange to see all the other lovely work.

Tanda Teaser 96

Yellow & Blue

This weeks theme set by Wendy is Yellow and Blue. Seems to have been a lot of that colour combination lately or similar anyway, guess I'm a bit Yellowed and Blued out. Got loads of paper and stamps out today played around and came up with this card. Not entirely sure about it, think the vellum should have been given a deccorative edge or torn or something. Lesson for another time maybe.