Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lots to do - 9 4 9 swap

Alison, Mommabear on lots to do, is running a 9 4 9 swap. Never heard of one before the idea is to create a picture on 9 atcs. Great fun to do and think about in that its a bigger format than usual but also 9 smaller ones.

The bird is a Tattered Angles Glimmer Screen the compass is a TH mask, both used as stencils with ink dabbers. Glimmer mist Lime Twist and Copper sprayed over the whole with chipboard letters in place. The calendar is from do crafts goodie bag each page has been sprayed. HOTP and a mandala stamp stamped with the same dabbers. Freehand cut the clock hands for the compass. The bird was inked as one piece all the rest were pre cut atcs layed out.

Oh dear I'm told the problem with leaving messages is back. Have moved the section showing all the lovely people who follow this little place. Am hoping that this will help, if you find it just hangs just click somewhere on the page or the refresh button and it should start to work again, at least thats what i find when visiting other blogs with a problem.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

SCD - Books

Another challenge that is a lot of fun is Something completely different each month the mount is different for July it is Post Card shape & size 6" x 4". The subject matter is different each week this week it is Books! Not an easy subject but an interesting brain teaser. What is a book? a pile of leaves with words printed on them consumed by book worms.

Could not find my set of leaf stamps used paper stack and traced the images onto a page from last weeks TV times. printed page coloured with glimmer mist - Tattered Leather and Sunflower. Drew up the worm coloured it with Promarkers stuck all papers onto postcard shaped chipboard and sprayed again with Tuscan Sun. Punched the letters in contrast paper to top it off.

No books or worms were injured in the completion of this project

There have been some very generous comment left thank you very much. the piece is poorly executed I know that but think the idea is sound. it was important to me that I enter the challenge this week but time was not on my side (how often do we all feel like that?) which is why i have shared shoddy work with you. Thank you all for your kindness.

Lots to do - Acetate

Lots to do challenge this week is to use Acetate, once again something right up my street! Love Sam's off beat ideas that send you off in different directions.

The acetate topper was something i've had hanging around for a week or two, cut it on the cuttlebug using nestablilites for the first time. Coloured it with alochol inks but it did'nt work out for the project then. just perfect for this weeks challenge. The fish has been stencilled with transparent paste that was covered with glitter. Once dry a layer of crackle paste was spread over the top, the cracks are quite fine so the glitter did not show through but if you wondered it works and the fish is covered in fine cracks! This fish was then coloured with red alochol ink.

A 4" x 4" card has been covered with a metal square. Picked up the metal working tools on Friday do had to play. Another fish has been embossed onto the metal from a stencil, the rest of the sheet has been embossed with a dimple like patten and then the whole coloured with more alochol ink and attached to the card. Just to make sure the acetate was secure it has been stuck onto the metal with silicone glue dots and then in belt and braces manner two eyelets.

Very much a opportunity to play with new toys an experiment with different ideas, thanks Sam.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Tanda Teaser 108 - Easy Elegance

This week's Tanda Teaser is set by Wendy with the theme of easy elegance. It took from Wednesday when the challenge was set to work it out then came the easy part.

Friday, 24 July 2009

R is for - Robin Redbreast

This week Linda's Alphabet Challenge has reached R. Easy peesy One of my favourite British birds is the Robin so a robin card it had to be. This years Christmas set from Design Objectives is very appealing and this was an easy card to make.

White card stock folded to make a tall slim card, gold mirri board and a tarten strip topped with the image stamped and coloured with whisper pens and then glazed with holographic clear. The tag, from the DO stock, has been stamped with the holly stamp used to edge the Robin topper and the two joined by red cord.

Thank you SCD

The lovely peeps over at Something Completely Different selected my Teal & Brown post card as this weeks winner! Thank you all very much for this honour, there were so many wonderful pieces of work it is very flattering to be chosen. Looking forward now to doing this weeks piece on Books gonna make a lot of us think hard this time.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lots to do - Paris

I'm told that some people are not being allowed to comment, very sorry to hear this all your lovely comments are so encouraging and all your support has been inspiring. 'fraid i have no idea what the problem is and can only hope it sorts itself out soon. One thought if the screen just hangs without seeming to respond click your mouse again somewhere on the page.

In the mean time the Lots to do Challenge this week is about what Paris means to you. There is so much: Art, Architecture, elegance, style & Fashion. Good Food, entertainment, culture, fun, romance and excellent coffee. Blue no idea why but soft gentle pastal blue. Cannot get all of that into one piece!

For this card embossed and pricked a piece of vellum, stamped the Can Can girls and coloured them with Promarkers mounted their image onto a mat and used the same mat card as a side strip under the vellum. A pearl capped brad fixes the vellum in the corner and a singe paper rose represents to romance.

That makes one of everything so this card qualifies for Allsorts as well.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Dreams of Birds

Could not get the Ready Steady Stamp challenge out of my head so knew it was not done with me. Then following some of Carol's signposts and doing a little blog walking found Awfully Big Art Adventure and Wednesday Stamper this face fits all three.

Ready Steady Stamp use imge of either a cat or a dog well hope this Cats face meets that, use black and gold, include 3 differnt brads a page from a book or newspaper and faux batik.

Awfully Big Art Adventure are looking for pieces inspired by the theme of birds

Wednesday Stamper want your interpretation of dreams!

The cat here is inspired by my ginger tabby Pounce, who at 15 months is a feline teenager. Recently he has proved himself to be a hunter and bird catcher but more usually he will bring home frogs.

Paper mache mask from craft supermarket, primed with white Gesso and then with Gold acrylic. More acrylic red, cream, orange, burnt umber to give the feel impression of his markings not applied all over some of the gold is showing through. HOTP swirles freehand stamped in black. Trimcraft bird stamped onto a newspaper twice in clear ink clear embossed and coffebean ink wiped over the whole to creat the faux batik, one bird on his mind the other on his cheek. Add altered glue and little rolls of newspaper for whiskers spray with Gold glimmer mist. Brads, he is a teenager and has had his ear pierced, catches frogs there is a frog shaped brad in his mouth and like a lot of handsome chaps knows it hence the gold heart on the left of his face. Some fine gauge wire for brow whiskers and orange gold gems around the lower eyesocket. An application of Walnut gold glimmer mist and finally spray and sparkle in silver.

A cat dreaming of Birds.

If you see this as a bird in the paw then it fits My time to craft as well. Knew there was a 'Bird in the hand' theme out there somewhere.

Friday, 17 July 2009

SCD - Teal & Brown

What no Stampin'! would not have worked with these cuttlebug folders.

SCD have for their third week of postcard sized/shaped pieces a colour challenge, the main colours on the piece must be Turquoise/Teal and Brown. There is also some candy to be won this week! Did not take long to see how to respond to this weeks challenge, thanks to last Friday's metal lesson and a fantistic piece in Craft Stamper! Great fun to do and a pleasing result.

Chocolate coloured metal,run through the bug with the owl embossing folder trimmed and a patten roller run along the rough edge. Steam Alochol ink gently rubbed over the image removes the colour coating and leaves a hint of its own colour behind. Teal coloured colour core card run through the bug and then rubbed down to show the two tone. Bits for vellum run through the bug to cut out flowers. Card and flowers stuck to postcard sized chipboard, metal attached with grommets two of which were threaded with fibres as a finishing touch.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Q is for - Quagga

This little FBP shows one of only two (I think) pictures of a Quagga, both pictures are of the mare kept at London Zoo. The last known Quagga died in 1883, almost exactly 100 years later a re-breeding project was set up in South Africa. I first heard of the project over 12 years ago and have been watching ever since. Sadly the founder died a couple of years back but his project lives in. So type Quagga into your search engine and see what comes up.

Alphabet Challenge Q is for Quagga.

Because of the stripes this little fbp also fits the Theme Thursday challenge for this week!

Ready Steady Stamp - Faux Batik

Heard about a new challenge site and it is so up my street! had a great time watching the slid show to see how to do Faux Batik and then making this card.

The challenge is to use Black & Gold other colours are allowed but I just love the combination as it is. Include a cat or a dog on your image, 3 different brads, faux batik and a book or newspaper page. My page actually came from a book of crafters paper Iris gave me recently hope it counts, stamped with a penny black bird stamp inked and then the ep ironed off. The cat is a stencil using gold diamension paste onto black card, the 3 brads come from various sources. A little mirri card and swirly stamp to tie it all togather.

Oh yes you can join in this great fun challenge at Ready Steady Stamp

Thank you Cheryl

The very talented Cheryl has just given this award to some of her friends! Gosh I feel privileged, will have to come back later and share it with other friends. Gonna be tough there are so many warm kind generous people whose support and encouragement means such a lot narrowing it down to just 12 is a challenge.

Cannot list just 12 so am listing friends and peeps who have encouraged and supported this little place, if you are listed please take the award if you have been missed I apologize for my absent minded oversight. In no particular order

Carol (Playpaper)
Angela C
Ang C
Lesley (Gee)
Sue (Inkspot)
Scrapper Julia
Janet (Topsyjane)
Kay (Glistening Shadows)
Brenda (Flora Fantasy)
Dawn (Simpson)
Linda (Biker)
Rachel P

I know i am missing loads of names - Sorry will add them as they come to me.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tanda Teaser 107 - There be dragons

Few weeks back Sue teased me that there would be a Dragon challenge soon and today's the day. Caught me in a bit of a silly mood and this is an idea that has been in my mind for weeks.

"When she was not busy Dora liked to pop into the garden for a smoke"

Well who says dragons have to be big and ugly?

This dragon is, of course, for the Tanda Teaser Tanda stamp embossed with Cosmic shimmer and coloured with shimmer paint.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Lots to do recipe swap

Put day 2 of this week's leave to good use and made all the elements for the June/July swap. good thing too as they have to be in by the 20th!

The Recipe: Twinchie, Arch, Atc, Skinny & a Fat Book Page. Each to include: Spots, A Number, Stamped Image and Orange or Red.

All the stamped images, except for the number 2, are Tanda stamps! The Twinchie coloured with Sakura glitter pens as was the Arch. The Atc was coloured with Whisper Pens. the flowers on the Skinny are from Trimcraft's My Minds Eye - Bloom and Grow. Both Twinchie and Atc have been given a clear glazing and all 5 have both red and orange somewhere.

Been a lot of fun all day.

Monday, 13 July 2009

SFTW - Red & Brown

This week Stampin' for the Weekend have set the colour combination of Strawberries and Chocolate as the theme. A really yummy combination!

Trapzee work is a favourite of mine, it can be time consuming and fiddly but the end result is usually very pleasing. My only criticism here is the way I messed up the frame at the final stage, ds tape would have destroyed all my work so please forgive a wonky ending.

Red and Brown cardstock, red thread, no idea who's the stave is, the golden vellum insert has been stamped with another of the foam backed stamps in lighting black - may have mentioned a weakness for that ink pad previously. Almost any message can be added when the cards use becomes known.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

SCD - Vintage

Think Vintage might be making sense at last! This week Something Completely Different are lookiing to vintage themed postcard sized pieces. Its not often this background stamp comes out but in lightening black it really sets the theme going. A scrap of lace along the top & an old favourite lily stamped and embossed onto both paper and vellum cut out and layered where the glue don't show. String some beads, layer flowers wrapped in beads onto a vellum mat. Now watercolor sakura glitter paint onto the leaves to give a hint of green. The acatate was stamped with a butterfly kisses collage stamp in stayzon, the rose in the corner coloured with sakura glaze on the reverse of the image. Acatate attached with pearl topped brads. Finally a Tattered Angles bird chip sprayed with glimmer mists the embossed making on the bird traced out in gold sakura pen.
This piece also works for Lots to do which is looking for a collage piece, not traditional collage maybe but layered and made using different techniques.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not a lot of crafting

Finished work at midday Friday starting a week off! Yipee. Great start with a visit to Jendenink for a lesson on working with metal look at all the fab things we were shown how to make. Lesson made even more fun with Carol for company. We had a fantastic afternoon, thank you Jen, cannot wait to get my new tools and get playing!

Today met up with Jean for a walk around Marwell Zoological Park Our local ark and a favourite place to spend a day. It was raining but there were still lots of visitors, felt sorry for the wedding party, but am sure they all enjoyed themselves.

Lots of new babies around the zoo including 3 Przewalski's the one on the right here being the youngest and looking like a very new arrival.

Marwell has been very succesful with these beautiful wild horses over the years and seveal of their animals have been included in the release progrem. Przewaksji's are unusal in that they have no wither to speak of, and have not been used as domestic horses although they have been bred with domestic stock. They also have a stripe alone their spine, giving rise to some speculation that all equines come from striped beginings.

Here Mum to the youngest quickly stepped in to stop things getting out of hand.

Friday, 10 July 2009

P is for.....

Pink & Purple speckled Party People Planning & Plotting on 'Phones It was going to be Poppies then i remembred these gals. All for the Peeps at Linda's Alphabet Challenge

Penny Black stamp, Black ink clear Embossed, ProMarkers, Glaze, Glimmer Mist & Cropadial corners Oh and laughter!

A year ago this Friday Minx & Pounce came to live here, 3 month old kittens to self assured adult cats in such a short time - still enjoy a game or two and some very silly behaviour when no one is looking.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lots to do - Something Stamped

The Lots to do Challenge this week is to include stamping on your piece. Now like most of us 90+% of what you will find here includes a stamped image. Thing is the Lots to do Challenges are great fun and I wanted to do something off the wall for it. So take a Stampscapes set some silver and some snowflake ep attack a piece of purple paper. A few weeks back Ellen showed us how to use a plastic bag, wet glue and ep, one of my attemps has been sitting waiting for inspiration. It turns out that you can peel the embossed glue off the plastic to get a kind of squiggle, it seems fitting that it is attached to the purple paper with the same kind of PVC glue that it is made of. Heavily decorated paper attached to card and the whole topped off with a dragon fly made of fantasy film over fantasy fibre. So there you go something stamped.

Have been very remiss in visiting all your great blogs just been so busy catching up after the week-end but promise to come and see you all very soon.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Allsorts - Shaped Card SFTW - Sketch

Coolin' things down a little now after all that Orange! Blue and Green are to my mind a lovely combination used them here in pastal shades to decorate a shaped card for Allsorts their challenge this week is to make a shaped card; take a square cut the corners off and away.
Stampin' for the weekend gave players a choice of two sketchs this week have chosen Kimmi's but you might not recongnise it because of the shape change.
The flower stamp is from Little Clare coloured with sparkling watercolours. The saying is Diamension forth, both embossed with Cosmic Shimmer EP.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tanda Teaser 105 - Iconic Images

As a child growing up by the seaside i used to spend hours looking at all the picture postcards in the souvenir shpos, of course the 'naughty' ones had the most appeal but sometimes i'd look at the so called local scenes and wonder just where the picture was taken did'nt look like my home town! So when Sue set this weeks Tanda Teaser as Iconic Images fantasy postcard scenes lept to mind!

The new Alcohol inks in bright Yellow And Orange worked for the sky over the Tanda Sunrise also embossed in Orange. Tanda's island complete with palms stand out in a sea of Denin Alcohol ink all topped off with tanda words. Fantasy island here we come.

O is for Orange

Sorry know others will have gone with this before and BIG THANK YOU to Sue for allowing me to use her Orange stamp.

This then is O for Linda's Alphabet Challenge A simple fat book square clear stamped and embossed in white then sprayed with an orange glimmer mist. A chipboard O sprayed twice once with Memory mist and then Glimmer mist both Orange of course. The half orange clear stamped and white embossed onto white card and coloured with Sakura pens, the same pen was then used as a watercolour wash around the outside of the image.

SCD - Postcards

Now its July (already!!!) the basic theme has changed at Something Completely different we are now to use 4" x 6" postcard size. Quite by coincidence my Tanda Teaser entry is also postcard based more about that later. so Something Completely Different want postcards for July and the first one is to include a face. Yesterday at Newbury Stamp Addicts show picked up some postcard sized chipboard and used that as the base today. The image is my old cat face stamped and clear embossed on vellum trimmed close. The rose printed tissue has been run through the bug and the cut out section used in negative and then sprayed with spray and sparkle. Bit of grunge board swirl, glimmer misted, Tanda cats eye coloured with sakura and the same pen used on a paw print, the whole oversprayed with more glimmer and finally three sayings stamped and embossed onto vellum and attached with a brad. Its an odd piece about which i am not at all sure but here it is.